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Thumbs up!"This offering was the first I ran into that could go toe-to-toe with a Silver Needle white. And possibly win."
Geoff’s Teaview: 9.8/10
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jingwhitepeonyJING referred to this as "Fuding Bai Mu Dan", which I assumed was to differentiate it from a standard White Peony. Fuding is a city on the Fujian Province border. Fujian, of course, being the home of the best white teas around. This had the scent of one, at least. By nose alone, I could tell this was going to be different. The usual berry-nut-grassy smell was superseded by a floral and spice miasma, as if a chrysanthemum petal had been accidentally dipped in cloves. I was surprised by the almost Darjeeling-ish quality to the nose.

The appearance also struck me as slightly different. The leaves were rolled rather than fanned, stems were present but not a lot, and the requisite white tea bud fur was in abundance. It's not very often that I get to see the actual part of the tea leaves that make them a "white" by moniker, so this was a treat.

Brewing instructions recommended were for a "tepid" 60-70C water temp, and a liberal steep time of three-to-five minutes. I adhered to the temp, but went with a lighter steep time, measuring one tablespoon of leaves for 8oz of water. Seemed about right, and I wasn't too worried about spinaching this lovely Bai Mu Dan.

At only three minutes, the liquor brewed up extremely pale for a Bai Mu Dan. For a moment there, I thought I undershot it. The aroma was pleasant and - most importantly - present, causing "steep" fears to subside a bit. To the nose, it was slightly grassy, a little nutty, and still had that residual spice-flower aspect I ran into before scalding it with water.

I've usually appreciated Bai Mu Dans for their remarkable stubbornness to odd infusions. It's very difficult to screw up a White Peony. They can take quite a bit of abuse, but when one gets it right, it lends a decent cup. Not perfect, but decent. This offering was the first I ran into that could go toe-to-toe with a Silver Needle white. And possibly win. There were no vegetal undertones, just the floral and fruity awesomeness usually bestowed on its lighter kin.

For a second infusion, I went balls (er, cups?) out. I brewed for five-minutes-thirty instead of three at 75C. The liquor brewed to a deeper - but still pale - yellow, more in line with other Peonies. This time some natural, berry-like sweetness came to the forefront, complimenting the still omnipresent floral flavor.

They weren't kidding. This truly is a supreme white tea.

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