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Its OK"There was a very even taste between the citrus and the black tea. Pungency was lacking, but it was hard to tell if that was a good or bad thing."
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kteaslogoKTeas describes this black blend as "a good winter warmer". Irony of ironies, I was trying it at the beginning of summer on the only warm day we'd had in Oregon thus far. Ingredients included black tea (type unknown), orange peels, ginger pieces, cinnamon pieces, vanilla pieces, and natural flavor. It sounded very similar to the orange spice black that Stash Tea put out. Smelled like it too. Not a detraction, just an observation. I was actually rather fond of the orange spice idea. When creamed and sweetened, an orange spice black tea tasted like an orange creamcicle.

Brewing was fairly standard for a blend; 1tsp in 8oz of boiling water for three-to-five minutes. I went with three minutes because I was going through a lighter black tea phase. Plus, I was still mulling the idea if I wanted to sweeten it or not. Given the blend type, I suppose I wondered if it could hold out on its own.

Orange peels very loudly present in the dry batch, it was no surprise that this steeped to a citrus smelling liquor. It brewed to a fine shade of even brown, not too light even with the conservative infusion time. Orange dominated all in the aroma department. If I was given more time for nostril-ish analysis I could probably pinpoint spice, but on first impression I didn't notice. Not that I cared too much. As for flavor, there was a very even taste between the citrus and the black tea. Pungency was lacking, but it was hard to tell if that was a good or bad thing.

On my third sip, I decided to sweeten to see if it brought out more luster. Oddly enough, the sugar actually muted the naked flavor of the blend. Some black tea astringency came through, but the citrus notes recoiled in horror at the pure cane menace amidst the brew. If I were to make a couple of suggestions to future drinkers of this product, I'd say go for a four-minute infusion and resist the urge to add anything. Something tells me a lighter black - like a first or second flush - was used for the base. As such, leave it as is, and you won't be disappointed.

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