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Its OK"Just a little bit of the berry, a berry with a history."
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kteasblackcurrantI've probably expounded far too heavily on my personal pet peeves in my reviews. I can't help it, an assortment of things happen to get under my skin, burrow deeply, and cause irritation. Sometimes its little things, like our current governors inability to pronounce the name of the state, or any of its cities. Sometimes its big things, like using the phrase Tea for anything that isn't actually made from tea. In the rather large book of my pet peeves I'm sure I've mentioned how odd flavor descriptions strike me when their clearly copied from another description, and not a flavor that could reasonably be in someones personal repertoire.

To avoid being a total hypocrite I'll point out one thing right off, Like most citizens of the continental US (and many canadians to boot) I've never tasted Currants. Its only been in the last ten years that growing BlackCurrants was legal in the united states, before then it was banned due to a disease they could transmit to pines. So due to an obscure law pushed through by the logging industry Many americans have no direct frame of reference for the berry they nonetheless use to describe the flavor of many red wines and black chocolates.

Since I can't accurately say where the Black Currant berries and Red Currant leaves end and the tea begins, I won't try to. The Red Currant leaves are very clear in the blend, but the black Currant berries aren't directly visible, mostly blending in with the black leaves (if their present at all). I assume that they didn't add the actual dried berries since, even after steeping, their practically invisible. The lack of physical berry isn't a bad thing since they don't usually add any flavor and are just there for appearances anyways. Whats most important, to myself at least, and possibly to some marmosets, although I've never learned to speak marmoset, such a waisted youth really, but by the by, is the flavor.

Brewed up nice and hot the tea is a nice dark hue, with a nice dark smell, and a nice dark taste. This is definitely a strong black tea with a berry flavor, and not the other way around, which is my own personal preference. The black tea is actually very strong, but its mellowed at the edges by the berry. I can't quite pick out what constitutes the flavor of that berry except to say that its a bit of Blackberry, and a bit of blueberry, its a clearly blue/purple/black sort of a berry, rich and dark and merlot-esque on the edges of the tongue. All in all I'd reccomend it, its a very good tea, and apparently on sale to make way for new packaging, so get it while you can.

— To purchase KTeas Black Tea with Black Currant, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Kathryn at KTeas Says:

    Thanks for the info, Troy! I had not known that about the history of black currants! I found it so interesting, I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned your review containing the info in a blog entry: .
    Teafully yours,

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