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Its OK"The blush of this peach is assuredly marigolden. The buttery glow of the marigold petals is just as bright as the peach, as both play equally in the sweet scent and the not so sweet ample bodied brew while the green rooibos is a paler partner. "
Raven’s Teaview: 6.9/10
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kteaslogoAs the most bashful fruit, the blushing peach is more than a wallflower in the tea world as it seems to be schmoozing with just about every tea variety with oolong, white, black and green tea blends. Although there are many red rooibos peach rendez-vous, green rooibos is more of a newcomer to the tea party. When I came across Kteas peach green rooibos, the blend seemed a must try, if not only for its interesting medley of the lushness of peach with the piquant sass of green rooibos but also for its marvelous affordability.
So the date was set and the RSVPs were in. Perfectly on time, the tea was decked out with celebratory spirit and summer grace. The blend of blond tawny gold, citron, celadon and mahogany is an appealing mix with the tiny rooibos reeds and marigold petals. Yet its cheery appearance brightens even more with the first scent of the vibrant peach aroma. The bouquet is indeed welcoming, extending an invitation as soon as its package is opened. The peach scent is lively, reminding me most of peach Extra gum. Although it doesn’t smell like a peach plucked right off the tree, the aroma is delightfully sweet with a zesty fruity lift as the butter notes of the marigold petals add some richness while drawing out the peach scent. A hint of the green rooiboos peeks behind the aromatic fruity goodness with a wink of roasty notes although the rooibos seems rather shy.
With all guests in attendance, this tea party began with three grams of leaves or two heaping teaspoons and boiling water as the Kteas website suggests. Letting the mix mingle for seven minutes, the conversation quickly started by the warm buttery peach aroma brimming from the radiant dark ocher or sunflower yellow infusion. Once strained, the cup is slightly less aromatic although it still speaks volumes of fresh peaches sautéed in butter. The buttery notes of the marigold petals with the peaches almost lend a touch of curry to the warm scent. The cup is hazy but there’s no secrets behind the chatter as the gorgeous colour is so peach like in its hue, as the sunny yellowish orange resembles fuzzy peach skin.
With such bright beginnings, my anticipation builds for the antics to follow. Happily, the tea is just as talkative to the tongue as the to the nose, so no one is left out of the festivities. The marigold is just as present as the peach which makes for a buttery petal kind of peach flavour similar to the aroma. Yet the tea seems to kind of burst on the palate like biting into a bean sprout and opens with an enchanting bit of tang that seems to add to the perception of fresh peach fruitiness even if the marigold seems slightly more talkative. The medium body has a warm roundness to it that isn’t incredibly sweet, filling out each sip nicely with just a hint of astringency to make it feel good in one’s mouth. The same voices of the peach and marigold echo in a medium aftertaste on one's breath, as the tea seems to fall off the palate without any bitterness to interrupt their convivial sounds. Apart from the petally peach flavours, the underlying tea is rather neutral and bamboo like, thus the green rooibos seems the quietest member of the trio. I was hoping the green rooibos might provide more of a counterpoint to the dialogue between the marigold and peach with some green flavours but its more subdued presence certainly keeps the peach and the marigold in forefront.
A second infusion is just as vocal and perky. The brew is a lighter yellow with a dash of orange to its hue while still encompassed in a sweet bouquet of peach gum. The flavour gets a touch of laryngitis but there is still a tasty suppleness to it with only a bit of dryness. From the lighter flavours that are more stalk like with subtle peach and marigold butteriness, the marigold petals leave a fainter aftertaste to linger over. The tea remains only slightly dry as one starts to feel the polyphenols on the tongue. Although a third infusion brought a lovely pale yellow cup, the aroma was mainly just petals with some buttery notes from the marigold and the body was quite thin so I likely wouldn’t brew past two cups. Since Kteas recommends brewing the tea for five to ten minutes, I initially chose seven for the first and eight and a half for the second but after also trying a shorter period of time, the five minute steeping seemed long enough to provide ample flavour. Plus, a shorter first brew would likely make for more lively subsequent cups. But even if only brewed once this tea comes at an incredibly pretty penny both at its regular price and even more so with the special Kteas is offering now.
With the brilliance of the brew and the exuberant peach personality in the cup, the tea seems ever so suited for sunny summer celebrations like an afternoon tea party or garden get together but it could also shine through any day's shindigs or dos throughout the year.

— To purchase KTeas Peach Green Rooibush, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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