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Its OK" All I can really taste with the milk added to the cup is the cinnamon and cardamom. Any contribution from the cloves, ginger and pepper are completely AWOL. "
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kteaslogo"An authentic, South Indian delight. Strong, broken black tea is anchored by the warmth of cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Tastes great with a dash of hot milk and a touch of sweetener." ---KTeas website.

While summertime is not my favorite time of year for enjoying a chai blend, tonight I found the aroma coming from the package of this blend hard to pass up. While the aroma of the dry sample is very appealing, the appearance of the sample leaves a little to be desired. This is because the sample is just very dark and brown looking in general. I think the reason for this is because the black tea used is pretty broken (closer to what I am accustomed to seeing in a tea bag rather than loose leaf) and I also suspect that this one is heavy on the cinnamon, which is coating the other ingredients, and giving off a very brown hue to the entire package. This is just an observation and something that is easy to overlook if the cup is tasty.

I prepared this using water brought to a full boil and infused it for a full 5 min as per the KTeas brewing specs. Since chai blends are meant to be consumed with sweetener and milk, I also sweetened this right out of the gate. However, I held off on adding the milk so that I could feel for the tea base, spice load and spice mix before obliterating it with the dairy. The chai brews up very dark and strong and has a fair amount of bitterness. While they are not something that I generally prefer to drink unadulterated, often these kind of heavy black teas are perfect bases for chai. The cinnamon and cardamom dominate the spice mix and the spice load is on the lighter side. I really can taste very little clove and almost no ginger or pepper despite the fact that the KTeas website lists all of those as ingredients for this chai blend. Next, I added a splash of fat free creamer to evaluate the fully prepared cup. The black tea stands right up to the creamer and is not overpowered by it whatsoever. However, there is a lingering bitterness. I can overlook this to some extent as I like a nice strong black tea in my chai. What I cannot overlook, however, is the mild spice load and lack of heat in the spice mix. All I can really taste with the milk added to the cup is the cinnamon and cardamom. Any contribution from the cloves, ginger and pepper are completely AWOL. It ultimately just ends up tasting mostly like bitter cinnamon black tea with a side of cardamom for interest.

Overall, I don't feel too much love for this particular blend. The perfect chai tea blend for me uses a strong black tea, but maybe not quite so bitter. Further, the perfect chai blend also has a nice strong spice load with a contribution from all the spices in the mix. This particular chai really isn't my cuppa.

— To purchase KTeas South Indian Chai, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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