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Thumbs up!"The body of this tea is full and luxurious - complementing fresh and perky vegetal taste notes and a savory bitter vein running through most winningly."
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chahfourseasonoolongChah Tea is a UK based company that offers a wide assortment of teas, teapots and other accessories for tea lovers. They have a convenient and easy to navigate website featuring plenty of basic information as well as helpful brewing suggestions for each of the teas that they offer. Today I'm reviewing their Four Seasons Oolong, a Taiwanese oolong grown at elevation and so named, according to Chah's website, "due to the four excellent flushes it produces in a single year." The leaves of this hardworking tea plant are processed into a tea that is lightly balled and dark green in color and give off a sweet vegetal odor that elicits an "mmmm" after inhalation.

I used Chah's brewing suggestions and steeped 1.5 teaspoons of tea in a twelve ounce infuser pot for 2 minutes. The site suggests a teaspoon per cup of hot water and a two minute steep time with near boiling water - adding 30 seconds per additional infusion.

The first infusion is bright green in flavor and a little creamy in taste as well, along with sweet and vegetal notes. The finish is made a lovely one due to the creamy quality of the brew lingering on a while. A little time for the cup to cool down increases the creamy, full quality of the cup. The body of this tea is full and luxurious - complementing fresh and perky vegetal taste notes and a savory bitter vein running through most winningly.

The second infusion, steeped for two and a half minutes, produces a lovely golden green liquor and tastes buttery and bittersweet with more subdued vegetal tones than the first infusion. Despite the less overtly vegetal taste, there is still a fresh green-ness to it. I found this infusion to be most excellent! The fresh, bittersweet quality is really enjoyable.

The Chah website notes that the third infusion of this tea is the best. For whatever reason, I am unable to qualify that statement. On all three occasions brewing this sample, I somehow lost track of time and reality when it came to the third infusion. My loss, certainly. If the first two infusions are any place to begin speculation, I see no reason to doubt Chah's claims. The first two infusions were very enjoyable in all regards and I could happily and heartily recommend checking out Chah Tea!

— To purchase Chah Tea Four Seasons Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Laura Says:

    Four Seasons has become a favorite oolong selection of mine.

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