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Thumbs up!"To my tastebuds, the flavor profile is led by that cocoa/white chocolate flavor and is finished by a berry flavor that is first sweet but then is finished with a touch of peppery spice."
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kteaslogo"Any day is a holiday with a cup of this delicious white tea in your hands. Young green leaves with white buds blend with luscious sweet berries to warm you with each sip." ---KTeas website.

The KTeas website offers very little about his blend in terms of ingredients except to say that it contains green tea with white buds, berries, and natural flavor. I had already prepared a recreational cup of this prior to viewing the website and I was a little thrown when I saw the list of ingredients. First of all, when looking at my dry sample package, I did not really distinguish that there were green tea leaves dispersed amongst the white buds. I totally thought that this was just a white tea blend and thought I had it pegged as a Bai Mu Dan. Secondly, the package is chock full of little chunks of dried apple pieces and some little red balls that I presumed were peppercorns---especially since it smells a bit spicy. However, since the KTeas description kind of alludes to the fact that they might be some type of berry, I (foolishly) decided to pluck one out of sample package and bite into it. Now that I am done choking, I can assure you that they are peppercorns. The other reason that I found the description to be elusive is because the aroma is this is very, well, cocoa-ish.

I prepared this using water brought to 170 degrees (just starting to steam) and infused the leaves for a full 3 min. For review purposes, I followed KTeas recommended brewing suggestion, but I can tell you that I brewed these leaves much hotter and they stood up to the temp. The aroma, as previously mentioned, is quite delicious and smells rather like hot cocoa to me. To my tastebuds, there is something chocolatey about the blend. I found it hard to pinpoint if it is truly a cocoa flavor or more a white chocolate flavor. To my tastebuds, the flavor profile is led by that cocoa/white chocolate flavor and is finished by a berry flavor that is first sweet but then is finished with a touch of peppery spice. The white tea base is a nice strong one and seems a bit nutty to me. At one point, I became conflicted (with myself, mind you) as to if there wasn't a bit of hazelnut in the blend. The berry used in this blend is a sweet one rather than a tart one, so little or no sugar is required for me to enjoy this blend.

I would really love to know more about this blend so that I can put my inquiring mind to bed as to the ingredients. However, it might be that very mystery that intrigues me so much about this blend. The aroma of this blend is outstanding and I enjoyed that delicious mild hint of cocoa as I sipped the cup. I also rather enjoyed the spicy berry finish that the cup provided. This kinda reminds me a bit of gentle Mexican hot chocolate with berry notes. Further, the white tea base is of a good enough quality that it does not detract from the blend. While this blend is supposed to be a holiday blend, and it does work well as a holiday blend, it is tasty enough that I find myself sitting here contemplating my order in early May. Thumbs up---this one provides a delicious cuppa and one that I want to drink again.

— To purchase KTeas Winter Holiday White, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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