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Its OK"This is a good tasting China tea, and, though it is filled with rose petals, it is not overwhelmed by floral flavor."
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serendipiteaduskyroseI really enjoy visiting Serendipitea's website. It is designed like a collage travel notebook and that speaks to both my adventurous spirit and my artists heart.

On their website, as well as shopping for tea, they offer tea recipes, info about health and tea, tea culture and more. As I shop for teas, I find the website very attractive, and each tea has a description. I am a bit disappointed, though, that the descriptions aren't... well... more descriptive!

The first tea I tasted from Serendipitea was "Dusky Rose" This is what Serenditpitea says about their tea "Dusky Rose:
A rose by any other name is still a rose, yet when accessorizing this full, slightly smoky Chinese Black Tea an easily loved sweetness emerges & lasts.

Rose (Buds & Petals), Chinese Black Tea

I am fairly easy to please when it comes to floral aroma's and flavors in my tea, so I was looking forward to trying this tea. When I opened it, it was just as gorgeous as their picture depicts with lovely rose colored petals in the tea. I also really enjoy just smelling it - such a lovely mixture of floral and black tea.

After brewing it has a lovely soft rose scent, and an even fainter rose flavor. This is great for those who don't like their tea infused with a flavor that overpowers the tea. Personally, I would enjoy a little bit more rose flavor, but I know I'm unusual in that. Adding milk tones down the rose even more, however, adding sweetener increases it a bit.

The brewed tea was dark - a reddish color when milk was added. It was clearly a pure China tea by the taste. I brewed it several different ways, including my free leaf brew in a whole pot of tea. I found that the instructions on the website page are right on... and this tea does not hold up to "stewing" or brewing longer than 5 min. When brewed longer than 5 min, it becomes more and more bitter.

The one disappointment I had was the strength of the tea. It took almost double the amount of tea to get a good cup because there are so many rose petals. This makes it a bit hard to brew in my one cup infusers because there is not enough room for the tea to expand and brew well.

This is a good tasting China tea, and, though it is filled with rose petals, it is not overwhelmed by floral flavor.

— To purchase SerendipiTea Dusky Rose, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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