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Thumbs up!"The toastiness of the brown rice really works for me in this blend in that it doesn't cross the line into being a bit too roasted. "
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sugimotagenmai"Special blend of Genmai Cha and stone-milled Matcha, powdered green tea for traditional tea ceremony. Matcha makes tea smooth body and vivid green color." ---Sugimoto America website.

I say this just about every time I review a Genmai Cha blend, but I just love the stuff. I don't care if it is with or without the Matcha. They both have their merits. Anyway, I request just about every Genmai Cha sample that is sent to Teaviews as I am on a search for the perfect Genmai Cha. I had never heard of Sugimoto America (S.A.) until they sent in samples for review purposes. I found their website to be fairly educational about brewing their teas (why to use a lot or a little leaf, water temps, infusion times, and info about theanine and tannins. Their mission is "To introduce an American audience to the fine taste distinctions among gourmet green teas." Further, their president, Hiroyuki Sugimoto, is known as the Tea Maestro and is the recipient of numerous awards for his green tea expertise. He has received the Agricultural Minister Award twice. Anyway, I really enjoyed surfing their website while reading about their tea offerings. Further, their Genmai Cha product won the Best Blended/Flavored Green Tea Award at the 2008 World Tea Championship.

My dry sample package looks a little like a nuclear experiment since the Matcha is coating every ingredient. Despite the fact that the green tea itself is touted on the Sugimoto website as being of exceptional quality, the green leaves are look very much like true grass clippings and are very thin. I prepared this according to the website specifications using a heaping teaspoon of the blend to prepare my 12 oz cup. I infused it in boiling water for about 45 seconds. Since this blend contains Matcha, the brewed cup looks sort of like neon swamp water, but it smells delicious! The flavor of the brewed cup is pretty darned good too! The toastiness of the brown rice really works for me in this blend in that it doesn't cross the line into being a bit too roasted. Sometimes when I drink these blends, they are a little too roasted and actually give me a bit of a tummy ache---not that I let that stop me. While I like the amount of roastedness that the toasted brown rice offers, folks that like a more intense roast might find this one lacking a bit in that area. I found that the green tea added just the right amount of savory to the cup. This one was also rather smooth, but straddled the line with bitterness. This touch of bitterness might just be a symptom of the Matcha being an ingredient or it might be remedied by dropping the infusion time down to about 30 seconds. The Matcha did provide a touch of creaminess to the cup that I rather enjoyed. Since this one has such a strong flavor profile, it is hard to comment on the quality of the green tea used, but I can tell you that it did not detract from my enjoyment of the cup in any way.

I found the ingredients to have a nice harmony in this one. The green tea added some savory, the rice added the right amount of toast, and the Matcha delivered some creaminess (and caffeine). The combo worked nicely for me. This is a delicious and tasty cup and one that will be given some serious consideration when I need to add one to my personal tea collection in the future. However, it appears that S.A. only offers the Genmai Cha plus Matcha in bulk sizes rather than by the tin or pouch. Hopefully, between now and then S.A. will come out with some personal sizes of this product offering. AND, I got a Matcha buzz out of the deal :) Thumbs up!

— To purchase Sugimoto USA Genmai Cha with Matcha, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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