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Thumbs up!"A warming, relaxing brew good for any time of year, the nutty, slightly metallic taste of the rooibos is a nice accompaniment to the lush plum flavour of this blend."
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kteaslogoA throwback to the holiday season, this tisane combines rooibos, dried plum pieces, cornflower blossoms and other unspecified natural flavours. The purple of the cornflowers contrasts nicely with the reddish brown of the rooibos, making it an attractive blend to the eye. The rooibos needles are on the longer side and have a bit of a sheen to them, which seems to be a marker of good quality in my experience.

The blend smells sweetly of plums. More specifically, it smells of deserts made with plums. The aroma is so realistic that I can't help but think that it's those unnamed flavours working their magic! There is even a heady boozy undertone to the scent, just like a plum pudding. Yum! The cinnamon is much harder to pick out but the scent is quite alluring nonetheless. Following KTeas's suggestion, I used one heaping teaspoon of leaves and steeped for 5 minutes in 8 ounces of water heated to a full boil. A clear coppery-red cup ensues, gently perfumed with cinnamon and a muted plum aroma. The nutty, slightly metallic taste of the rooibos is a nice accompaniment to the lush plum flavour. As in the scent there seems to be a hint of some kind of alcoholic liqueur. Naturally sweet, this blend does not need any additional sweeteners to highlight the fruit flavour. However, adding a splash of maple syrup transformed this tisane into an oh-so-delicious cup of liquid cinnamon heart candies. I found this surprising as otherwise the cinnamon flavour is rather faint. The blend stands up well to a second 8 minute infusion, something I've found to be a rarity with flavoured rooiboses.

Even with the added sweetener, the overall flavour profile of this tea is rather mellow, the scent of the tea having much more punch to it. That is not to say this offering is lacking in flavour. It makes for a warming, relaxing brew good for any time of year. Not as tart as other fruity tisanes, I would recommend this blend as a nice change of pace to other caffeine-free fruit teas. Cinnamon lovers might be disappointed however.

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