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Its OK"This just tastes like cherry flavoring to me and lacks authenticity. There is no tanginess to it whatsoever."
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kteaslogo"A delectable blend of Black tea from India and sour cherry pieces and natural flavor. This popular blend has the flavor of plump, sweet cherries." ---KTeas website.

This is my second sampling of this blend as I write this review. My normal process is to prepare a cup and write the rough draft. Later I then have another cup as I finalize the review. That process allows me to make some tweaks to the brewing parameters and see if my impressions of the tea have changed (they seldom change more than about a half point or so). However, when I made my first brew of this tea, I got involved in something that didn't even really afford me the opportunity to even make tasting notes. It has been a couple of weeks since that initial tasting and I have sort of been putting off doing the formal review in large part because the initial sampling of the cup didn't really 'WoW' me. That is not to say that I found the cup undrinkable, but rather that life is too short to drink tea that is anything less than impressive.

KTeas lists the ingredients in this blend as black tea from India, sour cherry pieces and natural flavor. My sample seems to be missing any sour cherry pieces so I am not sure if that in some way skews the flavor profile?? I recall noting this the first time that I prepared the cup too. I prepared this using water brought to a full boil and infused the leaves for a little over 2 min. The things that I really like about this blend are that it is a cherry flavored tea that has no roses or cherry blossoms in the ingredients. I am not a super huge fan of that floral cherry taste. Second, the black tea base is above average for a flavored tea blend. It is pretty smooth, has no bitterness, and just some mild astringency. It lacks that metallic, bitter, heaviness that you find in so many flavored tea blends. However, I am still not a huge fan of the cherry flavor that this offers. I would love either a tangy cherry or even a cherry that flirts with tasting like a Jolly Rancher (hey, those are my favorite candy). This just tastes like cherry flavoring to me and lacks authenticity. There is no tanginess to it whatsoever. Further, I enjoyed this cup best when it was at hotter temperatures. As it cooled, I found that the cherry flavor seemed even less authentic. Oddly though, I enjoyed the portion of this that I iced.

Overall, while I enjoyed the tea base, I didn't fall in love with the flavor profile. This is largely due to the fact that I found it a bit flat and lacking in any tanginess that might have given it a bit of authenticity. Fortunately, KTeas offers sample sizes so you can 'try before you buy'. As a side note, I did enjoy their Raspberry Yogurt and Winter Holiday White if you are looking for some additional recommendations to add to your shopping cart (see reviews).

— To purchase KTeas Wild Cherry Black, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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