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Thumbs up!"What impressed me most was how the chocolate and citrus notes are each evident yet neither overpowers the other. "
Vanessa’s Teaview: 9/10
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espemporiumcocoaorangeCocoa/Orange is a rather tasty blend that makes for a great introduction to ESP emporium. Teas with cocoa in them have become a big favorite of mine lately, so this was something I was very interested in sampling. The ingredients are listed as cocoa peel, apple pieces, orange peel, roasted cocoa brittle, lemon grass, flavoring, rose hip peel, stinging nettle leaves, mulberry leaves. Visually speaking, each ingredient is quite large and conspicuous, and I am impressed with the quality of these ingredients. To prepare this tea, I steeped a generous portion of the blend in about 8 ounces of boiling water for five minutes. The liquid was a semi-opaque yellowish color with a sweet aroma that balances chocolate and citrus quite nicely. The overall flavor of this tea is sweet and pleasant, making this an ideal dessert tea. What impressed me most was how the chocolate and citrus notes are each evident yet neither overpowers the other. While the citrus flavor tends to be more so on the lemony side (due to the lemongrass), the orange peel is certainly detectable and makes for a sweeter (rather than sour) citrus experience. I tried this tea both hot and cold, and enjoyed it both ways, although because I think this tea works so nicely as a dessert tea, I had a slight preference for it as a hot beverage. Many herbal blends are "spent" after one infusion, but I went ahead and tried a second infusion with this blend. I let the ingredients infuse for at least seven minutes on the second infusion. The second infusion was entirely different in its flavor profile. The citrus and cocoa notes that were the highlight of the first infusion were but a faint glimmer of this tea. This infusion had a much more herbal/medicinal flavor, as the blackberry leaf, nettle, and other ingredients were now more prominent. The second infusion wasn't bad, but just wasn't worthy of the accolades of the first infusion. I wouldn't let this second infusion affect my rating of this tea, though, since most herbal infusions are only good for a single infusion anyway. This is a tea I will definitely consider for purchase, and would recommend this to anyone looking for a great cocoa tea. This tea combines cocoa and citrus ingredients into a downright delicious and guilt-free treat.

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  1. Laura Says:

    I recently sampled this one and really liked it too!

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