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Thumbs up!"The flavor is crisp and sweet, with an alluring combination of malty and earthy flavors. "
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americanrubyblackI feel very, very honored to be among those that will get to taste AMerican Tea Room's Ruby Black tea. The reason I say this is because, according to the ATR website, "only 1000 kilograms were produced in 2010 and virtually none has ever been exported to the US until now. American Tea Room is the sole purveyor of Ruby Black". Ruby Black is a black tea of Taiwanese origin, an area known for its production of fine oolong teas. The ATR website provides some interesting background info on this tea and I recommend you read it if this tea interests you. The dry leaves of this tea are about as large as I have ever seen a black tea leaf. The blackish-brown leaves are long, loosely curled, and a bit crispy. I followed the ATR recommendations, preparing this tea with 200-degree water and a two-minute steep time. The liquid is a dark tan color, perhaps somewhere between the color of an Assam and a Formosa oolong. The flavor also represents a happy medium between more traditional black teas and oolongs. The flavor is crisp and sweet, with an alluring combination of malty and earthy flavors. Imagine getting the maltiness of an Assam tea at the front of the sip, followed by that freshness that comes from a good Darjeeling. That is much like what this tea has to offer. The ATR website mentions a cinnamon flavor; I have to admit that I didn't really detect it, although I did notice an overall clean zing, particularly in the finish of this tea. As the tea cooled, a rice-like grainy flavor become more prominent. In all, I was really impressed with this tea and would highly recommend it. Because this is such a rare tea and only a small amount was exported to the US, this tea naturally has a high price tag. But if it is in your budget, I would encourage you to give it a shot, even if that means only buying yourself the sample pouch. This is such a unique tea and delivers such a fantastic flavor, that this is worth the splurge.

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One Response to “Review: American Tea Room Ruby Black”

  1. Laura Says:

    Mmmmm! I love this one and was lucky enough to procure a couple ounces of it for myself! Can’t wait to get home and brew up a cup!

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