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Thumbs up!"This is the best black tea I have ever tasted, and I could happily drink this every morning!!"
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artofteaclassicblackArt of Tea is a tea importer and wholesaler based in Los Angeles, California. They hand blend and custom craft the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals. They have also been awarded First and Second place "Best Tea in America" at the World Tea Expo.

Classic Black won First Place for Best Black Tea - and I now know why!

On their website, Art of Tea describes "Classic Black" as:
Bright, brisk, high grown estate, whole leaf Nilgiri tea hand blended with smooth rich Yunnan golden buds.

When I opened the tea, there was no particular distinct smell about the tea, but it smelled very fresh. The leaves were somewhat broken, and yet there were obvious long golden leaves as well.

Since my morning always consists of a good strong pot of black tea, I was looking forward to a pot of "Classic Black". I usually choose India and Sri Lanka based teas, but I'm always up for trying a new black tea.

So, as is my tradition, I warmed my pot, heated the water, filled my large basket tea strainer (which gives the tea room to expand, but makes it easy to remove) with 3 level measuring tsp of tea. I heated the water and poured it just as it came to boiling. It steeped for about 5-6 min. and then I poured a tiny bit into my cup to see if I felt it was ready. I knew right away that it was, as I saw and tasted the dark liquor. I removed the tea strainer/basket and poured my first cup.

Was I ever in for a big surprise. I was a bit distracted by some things I was doing online as I grabbed my cup to take the first sip. This tea was so good, I was jerked back to reality and sat back to just enjoy the whole cup of tea!

It was dark, and strong and smooth. What surprised me most was that it was hard to distinquish any particular flavor. I could easily identify what it was not! It did not have the chocolatey or burnt sugar taste associated with Ceylon. It was not smokey, and it did not have a floral quality. There was the slightest hint of malt, but I am at a loss in how to describe it with words, other than pure!

This is the best black tea I have ever tasted, and I could happily drink this every morning!! And... I love that it's USDA certified Organic!!!

It was good when I tasted it black, but I will tell you that I have a very precise amount of sugar and milk I add to my morning black tea. Both of these just made this tea even better. It is the kind of black tea that can make anyone happy - those who prefer their black tea, black, those who prefer a bit of sugar, those who prefer milk or even cream and, of course, those like me who like milk and sugar!

This tea, "Classic Black" has already become one of, if not the top black tea on my list!

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