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Thumbs up!"fresh and minty, but with an earthier finish that must be the contribution of the yerba mate"
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duckylifemadelynemintFor a reason I just can't explain, yerba mate is something I typically don't find appealing, and thus it's just not something I drink with any sort of frequency. I decided to veer from my normal route today, however, and sample "Madelyne's Mint Matte" from Ducky Life Tea. This is a blend of yerba mate and mint. My sample came packaged in an attractive and generously-filled tin. Broken pieces of mint leave mingled among smaller Yerba Mate pieces. The aroma of the dry leaves was crisp and inviting. Ducky Life Tea instructions included letting boiling water rest for two minutes prior to infusion, then steeping for one to three minutes. I followed their recommendations, using a two-minute steep time. The tea that resulted was fresh and minty, but with an earthier finish that must be the contribution of the yerba mate. The mint flavor is certainly present, but not too intense. I actually usually prefer a super-strong mint flavor, but this tea, with its mellower mint profile, was rather refreshing. One thing I noticed was that this tea had a sort of gritty texture to it, probably from smaller pieces of yerba mate making their way past my mesh sieve. While it wasn't altogether unpleasant, I don't think it was the most appealing thing about the tea. I first tried this as a hot drink, and it was energizing and enjoyable when taken this way. However, I must say that I actually preferred it as an iced beverage. The mintiness mixed with the yerba mate made for quite the refreshing beverage when taken iced, particularly on this oppressively hot and humid day here in Miami. Even though it's been quite some time since I have had a yerba mate blend, I am glad that Madelyne's mint matte was the one that broke the yerba mate dry spell. In all, I enjoyed this tea and would certainly drink it again. One last note- this blend does not contain caffeine, but it does contain matteine, which I believe is purported to also have similar awakening effects as caffeine.

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