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Thumbs up!"This cup turned out to be just that little piece of aromatherapy that I needed to sort of let go of everything and truly relax"
Laura’s Teaview: 8.3/10
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americanlavenderprovencal"Of all our tisanes, Provence is the most profoundly soothing. It’s a fragrant blend of violet lavender buds, mellow lemon verbena (“verveine”), sweet lemon balm, herbaceous lemongrass, tingly peppermint and smooth spearmint that we at American Tea Room think of as “aromatherapy in a glass.” ---American Tea Room website.

While I knew when I requested this sample that it contained lavender, I became a little concerned when I tore up my sample package that I might not like it. I like lavender in moderation only and my sample has a LOT of lavender in it. Lavender has a tendency to be a little soapy and there have been some blends that have had lavender in them that reminded me a bit of sipping on laundry detergent. Since I was still in the mood for something along the lines of this blend---relaxing, soothing, etc---I decided that tonight was the night to proceed with preparing a cup.

Because of my concerns about lavender overload, I scooped this a little bit conservatively and infused it for a full 5 min in water brought to 200 degrees. I was pleasantly surprised as to just how tasty and relaxing this cup is. I have had a stressful week with job demands, a busy 4 yr old, boyfriend drama, not getting enough sleep and not feeling 100%. This cup turned out to be just that little piece of aromatherapy that I needed to sort of let go of everything and truly relax. The steam from this filled my kitchen with this fragrant mix of mint and lavender that sort of gave me the urge to clean for some bizarre reason. It just smelled very fresh, crisp and clean. Fortunately, the urge to clean passed relatively quickly and I was able to stay focused on relaxing and reviewing the prepared cup. The cup brewed up to a pale yellow color, which I found to be a bit surprising---not that I expected it to be lavender in color! The primary flavors are the mint and lavendar. While I would say that this does taste a bit more like lavender than mint, it is almost like they are having a power struggle and at certain temps (hotter ones) the mint seemed more prevalent. The lavender is not soapy at all and at no time did I feel as though someone had spiked my cup with laundry detergent. Both spearmint and peppermint are listed as the mint ingredients and I would have to say that my cup erred in favor of being a bit more spearmint than peppermint. The various lemon flavors are present, but definitely more of a backdrop. I did find that adding a few rocks of sweetener cut a bit of the dryness that this blend can leave on your palate. Because of that dryness, I wouldn't say that I found this cup to be refreshing but it made up for that with it's other laurels.

This one truly is aromatherapy in a cup! I am sitting here feeling more relaxed than I have in a couple of days and find my wishing that I had prepared a cup of this sooner as it just seemed to help me wash my cares away. If I were American Tea Room, I would be sending samples of this to every spa, hair salon, and massage parlor that I could find! I found this cup to be rather balanced between the mint and lavender (with the slight edge to lavender) and the lavender was not at all soapy. If you are looking for a good bedtime, chill out, relaxing blend, then this one is most definitely worth consideration!

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