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Raven’s Teaview Snapshot
Its OK"Apart from the fresh clarifying aroma of the leaves, without knowing the name of the tea, I might guess a lemon spiced shou or lemon shou from the prominent herbal lemon amidst the thick leathery flavours found in the cup, that have just a trace of anise."
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After a stint of work or the party night that turned into a weekend, one can feel like some rejuvenation. When the hokey pokey can’t shake the sillies out, it is nice to know a cuppa might be all one needs to as Timberlake would say "bring sexy back" to your digestive tract. BourgeaTea offers a four part harmony of teas rather than a full symphony or orchestra with a likely clever few teas of each type (green, black, oolong). For their pu erh selections, they seem to offer both folk and soul with a dessert inspired caramel pu erh along with their detox blend pu erh. The Detox pu erh also appears to be their only medicinal tea.
Their Detox blend is a mysterious medley as they only mention a dabbling of the ingredients in the concoction and they only allude that the mix was carefully chosen without further details as to the reasoning for their choices. Thus, it’s hard to call whether the tea is meant as a medicinal brew or the name is more of a catchy lyric. Yet the strum in the chords aims to bring harmony which the website concedes includes lemon myrtle, Golden Yunnan Pu erh, rooibos, birch leaves, ginger, marigold petals, juniper and anise.
The leaves are just as curious a mix from the motley of colours, shapes and sizes. The smart colours seem like IKEA or Pier One inspired room décor in their play of contrasts of beige gold, rust, black and khacki. Most of the pieces are but a few millimeters that are predominately the ebony black pellet like pieces of the shou pu erh. Amidst these, the beige hues of the lemon rind, ginger and golden marigold are scattered with larger tan beige and celadon green leaves of lemon myrtle and lemongrass stalks and tan coloured birch leaves. A fine rusty red rooibos also peppers the mix while the anise seeds aren't apparent but one might find the odd jet black juniper berry. Puzzling over the varied colours lends more time to solve the provoking scent. The medium bouquet is a fresh riddling smell opening with a dried potpourri type of sweetness and zest. While the scent has a floral presence similar to fresh chrysanthemums or mums and geranium, the potpourri slant draws more from dried leaf or herbal elements. As one continues to inhale the layered aroma, a slightly medicinal high note that seems similar to bay leaves or dry tarragon and anise seed gives the fragrance a cleansing, awakening feel. The herbal, spice aromas mingle with other more elemental dry leaf notes from the birch leaves and herbal lemon notes from the lemon myrtle, lemongrass and rind. In the background with a longer sniff, the shou puerh is very present with leathery steadiness that together with the herbal aromas seems to give a wild honey or buckwheat honey scent. The complexity and freshness of the bouquet is certainly intriguing and unique although I’m not sure it is the most delicious of scents as the sharper notes seem to be a bit assertive.
Yet still curious, I brewed one and a half teaspoons of tea for three minutes using boiling water. While the smart sassy design of the BourgeaTea website includes beautiful photographs of their teas, suggestions for brewing might also be helpful. After two minutes, the infusion seems to play out a whodunit from its slightly ominous appearance. The deep brown colour of the tea is quite hazy and a bit dull but the smell quickly steals one’s attention with its vividness and vigor. The fragrance has a hearty warmth from the shou pu erh like molasses and leather that sturdily carries the loftier aromas of herbal lemon and mums, edged with an earthy spice of anise and ginger peel.
The scent of the tea isn’t as penetrating as the leaves but the smell still seems kind of nurturing and clarifying from the blanketing shou pu erh and the lemony lift. It also extends to the cup, piping into every sip. And from the first sip, the intricately woven ingredients seem to fall in to a simpler melody. The primary tune thumps to the beat of the shou pu erh with lesser tones from the red rooibos with leather or tobacco flavours. This base is wide and flavourful while offering a bit of sweetness that isn’t bitter or dry but also lacks stealth. Jiving along the cup, the tea tastes most of the lemon myrtle making it a familiar kind of regenerative brew that isn’t a NeoCitran stodge. The tea finishes evenly with a light aftertaste of anise and rooibos reverberating gently on the tongue with tune of the herbal lemon still playing on the breath. If I was playing name that tune without knowing the name of the tea, I think I might guess a lemon spiced shou or lemon shou as their voices seem to sing the clearest. Yet the number of ingredients do sing in unison with a bright kind of harmony.
A second seating for a second steeping has just as much vitality for the performance. The basic ensemble of lemon, anise, shou and rooibos flavours shift slightly as the rooibos seems a bit more present and the lemon a bit less so.
The Bourgeatea website is incredibly easy to navigate and search, making their selections easy to find yet the prices of each of their tea sizes aren’t immediately obvious as they show a price range for the tins and bags, rather than the actual prices for each. I also found their shopping cart is a bit of a bumpy ride as I had problems removing or adding items when using it.
While a cup of tea always seems a fine refuge to revive one’s body and regain clarity after battery, Bougea’s tea Detox is a fitting brew for such replenishment. Although I seem to be without a toxic meter to say whether one can truly be detoxified by the tea, its familiar flavours of lemony soprano and rustic base along with the tea's even keeled harmony seem a pleasant way to keep the music in one’s cup and take it away from one’s digestive tract.

— To purchase BourgeaTEA Detox, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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