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Its OK"Disappointingly, I didn’t get much of a wine essence; rather I sensed more of a sweet-syrupy grape flavor, not unlike a grape candy flavor. "
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I love tea. And I love wine. So what’s not to like about a tea that is wine-flavored? That was my thinking as I approached the Riesling blend offered by Joy’s Teaspoon. This blend has a white tea base of Chinese Pai Mu Dan and Cui Min leaves. The leaves are a mix of large and small bits and appear pretty normal for what one would expect from a Chinese white tea. Intermingled among the dry leaves are dried black currants and various flower petals. Also added to the mix, according to the vendor’s website, is ‘flavoring’. The dry leaves have a strong grape-like aroma and the brewed tea follows suit. The vendor suggests a wide range of brewing temperatures and time, suggesting that this tea is a fairly flexible brew. I chose to use water that was at about 185 degrees and a 2.5 minute steeping. The resulting tea is a very pale yellow, as expected of a white tea. The aroma wafting off the hot tea is a combination of floral (from the rosehips) and fruity (from the currants and most likely more so from the flavoring). Compared to the aroma, the flavor is much heavier on the fruity side than on the flowery side. The flowery flavors do come into play on the finish though, giving a bit of a floral bite. Disappointingly, I didn’t get much of a wine essence; rather I sensed more of a sweet-syrupy grape flavor, not unlike a grape candy flavor. The syrupy nature of the flavoring was not my favorite part of this tea. Although I have had only a few other blends that have attempted to combine tea and wine flavors, I have to say that this one doesn’t stick out among the better attempts. If you take it for what it is, which is a (presumably artificial) grape-flavored white tea, it does pass muster and is drinkable, but overall I didn’t find this to be a top-notch blend.

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One Response to “Review: Joy’s Teaspoon Riesling”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Interesting, I have had this tea and I did not get a candy flavor. I thought the currants really shown through on this tea…which is a unique tea flavor on its own.

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