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Thumbs up!"Rich and hearty, with a bold and heavy body; malty notes are complemented by woodsy and subdued fruit flavors"
Vanessa’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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kteaslogoThe large majority of teas that I drink come from India, Sri Lanka, China, and Japan. Understandably, I was very interested in trying a tea not only from a different country, but also an entirely different continent. KTeas offers a Bolivian whole leaf black tea, and when they say whole leaf, they aren't kidding. In contrast to many black teas that often appear to be very shriveled and tightly curled, these leaves are large and loosely folded. The dry leaves offer a nice mix of malty and earthy-woodsy scents. My sample packet provided brewing recommendations of steeping one level teaspoon of leaves per eight ounces of boiling water for four to five minutes. I did as recommended, using the more conservative four minute infusion. One of the first things I noticed was that the leaves were very voluminous after the infusion, comparable to the way some oolongs really expand during infusion. I had earlier noted to myself that I thought that one level teaspoon per eight ounce cup may have been insufficient, but after seeing the infusion, it was pretty clear that one level teaspoon of dry leaves provided all that was necessary to adequately flavor eight ounces (and perhaps even more) of water. This tea is unique and while I can't really say this tea is just like any other better-known black tea, I guess it's safe to say that the characteristics of this tea make it most comparable to an Assam. The tea is rich and hearty, with a bold and heavy body. Malty notes are evident, as in an Assam. However, unlike an Assam, the malty notes are also complemented by woodsy and subdued fruit flavors. The KTeas website mentions raisins and sweet potatoes, and although I didn't personally pick up on those flavors, I do taste an overall sweet and hearty fruit-like flavor. This cup was bold, and despite the brewing recommendations provided, I think that a three minute steep time is preferable. Being a robust brew, this tea takes milk and sugar well and works quite well as a breakfast tea. This isn't my favorite black tea, but it does offer a unique flavor and gets extra points for its unique origin.

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  1. Lynn Says:

    I had no idea they were growing tea down there. I may have to give this one a try.

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