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Thumbs up!"I really think that those chocolatey notes when paired with the solid tea base is what makes this one stand out from any other vanilla flavored black tea."
Laura’s Teaview: 8.4/10
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serendipiteacolonille"Sumptuous, graceful & inviting. A tea that kindles elegant evenings, sweet thoughts & long walks. Beautiful bouquet with a distinct chocolatey taste coupling the vanilla, finished with a full red color, rich palate & distinct memory." ---Serendipitea website.

Tonight I found myself wanting a dessert tea. While it was hard to pass up a number of good ones that I have my personal tea stash, I really wanted to work on a tea review as I was being a bit slacker for awhile. I decided to go with this one based on the high marks that it received from other Teaviews' Staff. I didn't find the high marks surprising on an offering from Serendipitea as I have had the good fortune to try at least a handful of their teas and have been pretty impressed with most of them. I stock some of their Forever Spring aka Si Jie Chun oolong in my tea collection and it never stops impressing me with how tasty it is.

This particular offering is described as containing French vanilla and Vietnamese black tea. I prepared this using water brought to a full boil and a 4 min infusion time. The flavor profile is obviously vanilla in nature and what I would call a medium flavor profile meaning that the vanilla doesn't get in your face, but you don't have to work to taste it either. This is naturally sweet and really no sweetener is needed to enjoy this so I would recommend trying it before adding any. The black tea holds it's own in this cup and I found it to be rich, smooth and malty---all qualities that I love in a black tea. As far as the chocolatey notes go, they are there and I suspect that the black tea used is what is giving them off. I found them to be a welcome addition to the cup as most black teas that give off chocolate notes are a friend of mine. I really think that those chocolatey notes when paired with the solid tea base is what makes this one stand out from any other vanilla flavored black tea. Towards the end of my cup, I added a couple of rocks of brown German rock cane sugar and then a splash of fat-free cream to the cup. While I can't say that they made the cup taste bad, I do think that I enjoyed it more unadulterated.

I am going to get on my soapbox for a minute and express to Serendipitea that I wish that they had a better sample program. I am very much a 'try before you buy' kind of consumer and very often will make orders with tea companies that pretty much consist of nothing but samples. Serendipitea does offer 1 oz sizes of most of their products, but they package them in these little tins that drive up the cost of the samples. For example, a 1 oz tin of this blend costs $5. Personally, I could live without the tins and would rather see the sample sizes at a more affordable price point. Ok, I'm done with that subject.

As far as the Colonille goes, I consider this blend to be another winner from Serendipitea and would recommend to most folks that like vanilla black teas that they just go ahead and add the larger size of this one to their shopping cart. The flavor flavor profile is nicely done and it balances nicely with the black tea. The black tea is rich, sweet, malty and chocolatey. What is not to love? Further, if you are looking for something else to add to your shopping cart, then I highly recommend that Forever Spring.

— To purchase SerendipiTea Colonille, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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2 Responses to “Review: SerendipiTea Colonille”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hi Laura!

    Many thanks for the review & for your input on samples. We’re listening & we’ll be offering affordable samplers on the website for ALL tea soon. How does $2.50/1 oz. sampler bag sound?

    We greatly appreciate all feedback, input, suggestions, recommendations. Keep ’em coming.

    Very best regards,
    Your friends at SerendipiTea

  2. Laura Says:

    Hi Linda,

    That sounds great! Make a post in the forum when you make the change because I, for one, will likely be making an order!

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