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Thumbs up!"Of the hit-or-miss Dragon Wells that I've tried, this was the biggest hit to date."
Geoff’s Teaview: 9.4/10
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cantonsuperiordragonwellDragon Well green tea - or Long Jing, to the teaterati - has always been a mixed bag (har-har) with me. I've tried some that are exceptional, and others that ended up being the equivalent of strung asparagus. I was excited for this Canton Tea offering because it was touted as a first flush offering. When I think of seasonal picking references, I'm only familiar with Ceylon/Darjeeling blacks and Japanese greens. I rarely see indications of growing seasons for Chinese greens or blacks. Since green teas are best when they're on the lighter/newer side anyway, this was a must.

The leaves for this batch were a dark, forest green - like bark shavings from a young tree. The color also resembled Japanese kukicha with matcha powder. The aroma reminded me of peanut butter on a celery stick, for there was a nutty/grassy aspect to the nose.

Brewing instructions on the Canton site called for a tablespoon of leaves per cup, infused for one-to-three minutes in 80C (or 176F) water. I went with the recommended temperature, but steeped for a middling two minutes. Seemed reliable enough.

After the allotted infusion, the cup brewed to the pale green that Canton Tea described in their taster notes. The aroma was unusually nutty, sweet, buttery, like...well...honey-laced peanut butter. The usual grassy aspect was also omnipresent. Taste-wise, I was taken aback. The usual vegetal detriments to a strong Long Jing were not present in this liquor. The grassiness was understated and complimented by a subtle sweetness, berry-like with a nutty tinge; like the seeds to a newly-picked grape. Of the hit-or-miss Dragon Wells that I've tried, this was the biggest hit to date.

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