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Lately I've fallen off my own self-imposed wagon. In the last few months I've been drinking less tea, and more of everything else, with the exception of coffee which I still find repellent in every meaningful way. An extended job search has a way of giving you the time to do anything, but not the desire to. Nevertheless, my taste buds have decided to make it unambiguously clear that they won't inspect another Martini until some sweet yellow-green leaf derived nectar crosses my lips. Reaching deep into my magic bag of sampling (+3 against ogres) I've pulled forth this little bag of Gen mai Cha, which works well for my as its a style of tea I've always been fond of (especially for the carbs that help in post-martini bodily repairs).

Believe it or not, there are Gen Mai enthusiasts every bit as obsessive as any Cajun roux expert. To the Gen Mai Cha elite nothing is more sacred then well roasted puffed rice, and from the smell and color of these wee puffs I'm guessing they'd meet with, if not a bit of praise, at least approval. Although I've seen darker roasts, this batch is a good middle of the road dark and rich smelling. The smell actually matches the flavor admirably, its got a roasted grain quality that blends well with the tea, and doesn't serve as the cheep adjunct found in lesser batches. I was able to get several great steeps, I will be purchasing again (as I've been looking for a good staple Gen Mai Cha) and I would recommend it to anyone who is fond of such things.

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