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Thumbs up!"There is actually a nice chocolatey flavor that accompanies the minty liqueur taste."
Laura’s Teaview: 7.3/10
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kteaslogo"Chocolate and mint blend with green rooibos, also known as red bush tea, from South Africa to produce a rich, aromatic brew. Soothing and naturally-caffeine-free, this drink makes a good alternative to hot chocolate as a winter warmer or a bedtime relaxer. A good dessert beverage. And try it iced in the summer!" ---KTeas website.

One thing that I would like to point out about the description of this blend is that this actually contains red rooibos and not the green version of rooibos. I am not sure if chocolate and mint would even pair well with green rooibos so that is probably a good thing. However, I wanted to clear up any confusion for potential buyers of this blend. I have both purchased and reviewed a number of chocolate mint flavored teas. That flavor combo is one of my personal favorites simple as it may be. I have had to start getting pretty technical when tasting these blends so as to distinguish amongst them. Things that go into consideration are the tea base, are all the little extras included (cacao pieces, fresh mint leaves, etc), does the chocolate flavor taste authentic, is the chocolate a major player or an after-thought, does the mint taste fresh or more like liqueur, and price point. Regardless of the answers, many of these considerations still are subject to my personal taste preferences.

Red rooibos is such a good conductor for dessert blends. While many folks will comment on the quality of red rooibos, I personally feel the primary differences in perceived quality are pretty simple---is it fresh and is it full-size pieces of rooibos or just dust? In this case, the rooibos tastes fresh and looks to be of a normal size. KTeas lists the ingredients of this blend as rooibos, cacao, mint, and natural flavor. This blend does contain a very sparse amount of little cacao nibs, but there are no pieces of fresh mint leaves whatsoever. While they may or may not contribute much to the flavor profile, I do personally feel that they add that fresh mint taste versus tasting more syrupy like an after-dinner liqueur. This one obviously tastes more like mint liqueur and, while I don't dislike the mint liqueur flavor, my preferences are for the stronger, fresh mint flavor that is typically accompanied by blends that have lots of fresh mint leaves. There is actually a nice chocolatey flavor that accompanies the minty liqueur taste. The chocolate is not fake tasting, but it does lack some richness. Getting enough chocolatey goodness to satisfy in the cup is key with these blends. This one will not satisfy a chocolate craving, but it is still a tasty cup overall. I did find that I enjoyed this best with a bit of German Rock Cane sugar. It also took milk well, but as an oddity, I actually liked this one better without the splash of milk (that is rare) as I think the milk dilutes the after-dinner drink thing that it had going on.

Overall, this is not my favorite chocolate mint rooibos blend, but it is indeed tasty and allows for some mindless sipping. I might recommend this one to those who are sensitive to mint due to the lack of fresh mint leaves. I did enjoy the whole chocolate mint liqueur thing that this one had going on. If I were out of my favorite chocolate mint rooibos blend and was shopping with KTeas, I would consider give this one a whirl in my shopping cart.

— To purchase KTeas Choc Mint Red Bush, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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