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Thumbs up!"Quite possibly the best herbal blend that I have ever tasted. Sweet and full of richness."
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While perusing my options for my next tea fix I stumbled upon this delightful description on which said, "If Jesus had turned water into tea it would have tasted like Almond Cookie." After the laughing had subsided I looked through the ingredient list and found that beetroot was included, and to my knowledge I have never had beetroot tea. The site said that it added sweetness to it, and I believe the description was spot on.

While steeping the tea, I found that it had an amazingly tempting sweet and home baked smell that filled the kitchen. The site said to steep for ten minutes, which I reluctantly tried and was pleasantly surprised to find that the results were not a train wreck, but wonderfully delicious. The caramelized roast almonds came out delightfully in the flavours of the tea and were well meshed with the hints of cinnamon and the sweetness afforded by the apple and beetroot.

One night, I had two international student friends over for tea, and the German asked for a herbal tea, so I made the Almond Cookie. I swear that I have never seen a six-four German who studies physics so excited about tea in my life, I am not sure that I have ever even enjoyed tea that well. He said that it was a great welcome to America, and reassuring to know that we have fine tea, even if the beer is a bit watery compared to German lager.

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  1. Sarah Says:

    HA! Good to know that when our beer doesn’t measure up, our tea does!

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