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Thumbs up!"I have rarely had such a wide discrepancy between how I think a tea tastes and how I've been told it should taste."
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cantonkeemunhaoyaThis is my first Canton Tea Co. tea, but I am already rather excited about the company. They have a broad range of higher-end teas, including some especially unique offerings. A quality Keemun, while not a particularly rare find, tends to be a bit harder to come across than some of its more accessible black tea counterparts.

The leaves are small, tightly-rolled, and curled. Though little, they are uniform and unbroken, and very visually appealing. I steep 1 teaspoon in 6 ounces of 212° water for 3 minutes. The resulting cup gives me an impression far removed from what the Canton Tea Co. website describes and what I expected. I taste a meaty, hearty tea with a touch of tartness in the aftertaste. I do get a somewhat floral finish, reminiscent of chrysanthemum, but other than that I don't get many of the qualities described on the site. Try as I may, I cannot read any natural sweetness. I ask my husband his views, and he tastes it much the same way I do, leading me to think this is a bit of a chameleon tea, which can be read differently by different tongues.

I let the second infusion steep for 5 minutes. Enough flavour has been pulled out, but the taste has been somewhat sacrificed. It is nowhere nearly as well-balanced as the first cup. The depth of flavour has been lost, and the cup is very delicate. It is more floral than the first but less rich overall. I would do a second steep again, if only to make the leaf go a bit farther.

I have rarely had such a wide discrepancy between how I think a tea tastes and how I've been told it should taste. I have enjoyed the experiences nonetheless, and would probably buy this despite my not getting the impression others gave me. Unfortunately, that makes my review almost entirely useless because I can't guarantee you'll taste the tea as I did, as the experts at Canton did, or as something else entirely. Though not knowing is often half the fun, so I recommend it.

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