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Thumbs up!"I think this particular offering is one that would lend itself well to some creative preparations such as sweetening with some maple syrup or adding some steamed milk and stirring in some actual caramel. YUM! "
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"Our Pecan Pie Tea has a top quality black tea base with the flavor and aroma of a pecan pie. The toasty pecan flavor just shines with a sweet caramel finish." ---Culinary Teas website.

I really, really love nutty teas and when my latest shipment of tea samples arrived, this one was among the first selected for review. Further, I had noticed this offering on the Culinary Teas website previously and had already decided that if and when I place an order with them that I will get a sample of this one to try. Therefore, I am quite pleased to receive this sample. Culinary Teas' website provides lots of information about their teas if you drill down into the selections. I like the stories they provide about their teas and all of the information on the ingredients. For example, this particular offering was interpreted from a French Pecan Tart recipe! It also talks about how they use natural oils to flavor their teas. All-in-all adding up to a good shopping experience on their website though it is not the sexiest website out there in terms of appearance.

Culinary Teas lists the ingredients of this one as luxury black tea, walnut + pecan pieces, white chocolate pieces, calendula + sunflower petals, and natural flavors. The aroma coming from my dry is sample is indeed quite nutty with a hint of sweetness . The sample does in fact contain many little nut pieces, little white chocolate chips and some yellow flower petal shreds dispersed amongst the black tea leaves. While the Culinary Teas website calls for a preparation using boiling water and a 3-7 infusion time, previous experience with their black tea bases prompted me to go with a 205 degree water temp and a 4.5 min infusion time. The prepared cup is indeed quite nutty and leaves the mouth a little dry. I found the nutty flavor to taste pretty authentic and I have a hard time pinpointing if it tastes more like walnuts or pecans to me----though, oddly, I lean more towards walnuts. The black tea base, as alluded to earlier, is a mildly astringent but really did not detract from enjoyment of the cup. In fact, I think the dryness that it provided actually added to the authenticity of the cup. I did find that I liked this blend a LOT better when it was sweetened with a healthy dose of brown German rock cane sugar as it really brought out the caramel nuances in the cup and made this more of a dessert tea rather than a nutty, dry black tea. I also found that the flavor profile became much more pronounced as the tea cooled a bit so don't be in a rush to slurp this one down right away. I think this particular offering is one that would lend itself well to some creative preparations such as sweetening with some maple syrup or adding some steamed milk and stirring in some actual caramel. YUM!

If you are like me and really enjoy nutty teas, then this is one that you should consider adding to your tea stash. I found that the flavor profile was extremely well done and I can envision myself trying all sorts of creative preparations with this one all winter long. While I don't think Culinary Teas sells this just as a seasonal blend, now just seems like a great time to pick some up. Further, a 4 oz bag of this blend sells for just $8.25 and I consider that to be a steal. Very often I share any remainder of my samples with others, but I thinking I shall be hogging the rest of this one all to myself! Thumbs up!

— To purchase Culinary Teas Pecan Pie, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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