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Thumbs up!"The incredible sweetness envelops the pear in chiffon, but the splendid synchronicity between the pear and the sencha brings the pear back in focus and boosts the filtery base "
Raven’s Teaview: 7/10
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I think many an artist could extol the virtues of the pear, as would many a pastry chef cry over the loss of the pear for the discombobulated family is a beautiful fruit. And what would a still life be without the pear. With all the varying curves of their ABC’s from Abice, to Bartletts, Boscs and Comice they mind their p’s too with Packhams. While their variety rivals the apple in numbers, they certainly aren’t as favoured, though I’m sure they’d keep the doctor away just as well. Yet they don’t appear as readily in teas either, although pears do seem a perfect pair for green tea amongst all the flavour options. Culinary Teas smartly decided to feature such a medley in their Pear Sencha Green tea.
Upon seeing the tea, the leaves may not be set for a still life pose but they do seem painted from a pear inspired palette while they look refreshingly similar to the picture of the tea on their website.
While the broken leaves are a darker green than pears, with darker camouflage hues, the sprinkling of marigold petals lightens the blend nicely conjuring the golden yellow of ripening bartletts. Apart from the whimsy of the colours, the sencha leaves and twigs are somewhat of a discombobulated lot with hardier broken leaves of different folds that are likely from a later harvest or further down the tea plant.
Yet the canvas brightens with the first scent of the leaves. The first stroke of candied pears or pear syrup shapes the medium aroma with delicious form. So sweet is the smell, its image is first sugary before the pear notes curve out its depths. Yet a flicker of tang adds additional interest and a nice freshness to the emotive aroma. Opting for a spoon and the kettle rather than a brush to paint this pear’s portrait, I steeped the tea for 2 and a half minutes at 178 °F without any guidance for brewing available on the Culinary Teas website.
Readying my palette, the tea gleams a bright yellow that could make a crayon jealous although it has a cast of haze. The scent is light to medium but ever so sweet, like walking through a confectionary shop. From the marshmallowy, honey aroma, the pear’s shape is unmistakable although it again almost seems secondary to the sweetness. The green tea blends into the cooked Bartlett pear notes well, shading the scent with silty, canned, oven notes.
Tracing in on the tea’s portrait, the cup illustrates the splendid synchronicity between pear and sencha as their forms merge seamlessly. The sweet pear flavour is slightly synthetic tasting but still tasty while nicely balanced with the green tea. Although the green tea isn’t multi-faceted, maintaining a canvas of filtery, reed flavours that are the main thread of the taste, the lack of contour doesn’t bother me as much as it can sometimes in hardier green tea due to the complementary pear flavour. Accenting the composition, a light dryness rounds each sip while the verge of astringency tingles the tip of one’s tongue without being sharp. Slipping off into the finish, the tea outlines canned pears with a slightly tinny aftertaste traced in the back of one’s mouth.
A second rendering of the leaves remains highlighted with pear chiffon scents and amiable pear flavour that has an easy line of refreshment from the light aftertaste. Apart from the further splash of astringency, the green tea flavour laxes in filtery shadows. The tea still strikes a pose for a third infusion with a vivid yellow brew. While the cup is mildly scented with pear and oven heat, it still has a light sweetness with pear fun and doesn’t become bitter.
Although I don’t know the sencha base is born by Monet or Cezanne, the artistry in the complementary pairing and syrupy pear flavour of Culinary Tea’s Pear Sencha lives long enough to muse over.

— To purchase Culinary Teas Pear Sencha Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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