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Thumbs up!"The mint in this is more like a liqueur than what is typical of many mint flavored blends. While this is probably due to the use of a mint flavor rather than actual mint, it is tasty and not without it's merits."
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"Give in to the temptation of cacao blended with South African Rooibos and discard all the bad for chocolate with hints of mint, the fullness of a deluxe Rooibos and the pleasure of doing your body an enjoyable, healthy favor." ---BourgeaTEA website.

As I write this I have been suffering from the worst headache ever for the past two days. Therefore, since I haven't been feeling well, I went searching through my samples for some 'comfort' tea. I am looking for something that would be sweet, comforting, decaffeinated and that I would not have to think too hard about. Since chocolate mint tea blends are a favorite of mine, this rooibos blend seemed to fit the bill. In a previous review, I mentioned a few upgrade suggestions that could be made to the BourgeaTEA website. Their website is already pretty nice, but I really think that they need to list the ingredients in their blends. As a generality, I will not buy from anywhere that I cannot see the ingredients unless, of course, I have had the opportunity to taste it beforehand. While at first glance my dry sample package looked to just contain plain rooibos, a closer examination showed that it also contained a few small yellow flower petal shreds and what I think are some very small cacao nibs. These were very small and few and far between. They actually just might be some darker, thicker pieces of rooibos....not sure. I will admit some minor disappointment that this contains a mint flavoring agent rather than actual pieces of mint leaves.

I prepared this using water brought to a full boil and infused this for a full 5 min. To my tastebuds, this is a mint dominated rooibos with a mild chocolate undertone. This is one of those situations where I think the name overpromises the flavor profile and potentially sets up the drinker for disappointment. When I see the name Chocolate Lust, I am hoping for a chocolate dominated flavor profile and not just a chocolatey undertone to the drink. The mint in this is more like a liqueur than what is typical of many mint flavored blends. While this is probably due to the use of a mint flavor rather than actual mint, it is tasty and not without it's merits. It rather masks much of the red rooibos tea base. I do like rooibos but when I am having a dessert tea, I like a rather full flavor profile, which this one does have. As for the chocolate undertone, it is just undertone. I did find that I enjoyed this best with a pinch of brown German rock cane sugar. I also found that a splash of chocolate milk added the extra taste of chocolate that I was looking for.

Overall, I found this to be a decent cup of tea. I liked the syrupy liqueur taste of the mint that reminds me a bit of an after-dinner drink. The contribution from the cacao was a little too negligible for me and I found myself craving a little more presence from it especially from a blend called Chocolate Lust. However, you can pick up a SMALL tin of this containing a whopping 5.15 oz for just $11. At that price, I might be able to get over some of my misgivings. This is still a tasty blend that allows for mindless sipping without a ton of calories or a DUI. However, this brings me to another point...PLEASE come up with a smaller size option. As a sole tea drinker in my home, I rarely purchase more than 4 oz of ANYTHING (including favorites) as the risk of it getting stale before I can drink it all is too great. I would recommend this to folks who are shopping on a tight tea budget or who are sensitive to fresh mint leaves.

— To purchase BourgeaTEA Chocolate Lust, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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