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Thumbs up!"I found the ingredients to taste fresh, be of a decent quality and to be nicely balanced. There was really nothing not to like about this blend."
Laura’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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jinmorrocanmint"Our Moroccan Mint green tea is an outstanding organic and fair trade gunpowder green tea, blended with whole peppermint leaves." ---JING website.

Moroccan Mint is one of those blends that I like to keep on handy for evenings when I have eaten something that has riled up my tummy a bit. Tonight I am guilty of having a bit too much garlic at lunch today and the boyfriend is coming over later, so I'd like to get my stomach settled and hopefully freshen my breath at the same time. Because of my somewhat sensitive tummy, I often request Moroccan Mint blends when they are sent in to Teaviews for review. Thus, through the years, I have the opportunity to sample a number of them. My approach with evaluating which ones standout from the pack take a number of criteria into consideration. The primary criteria are perceived quality of ingredients, freshness, mint to tea leaf ratio, astringency and price. Of course, this list may not be comprehensive, but those are the biggies. My expectation is that this Moroccan Mint blend will be one of the better ones as pretty much everything I have tried from JING has been above average.

The aroma coming from my sample package is of a strong and fresh smelling peppermint. Fortunately, there looks to be a nice amount of green tea in the package as well and it doesn't look like it is 75% percent peppermint leaves or anything. I prepared this using water brought to 175 degrees and infused the leaves for a full 3 min per JING's brewing instructions. Despite the rather strong and fresh smelling peppermint, the mint is the prepared cup is somewhat more subdued. While the mint taste does dominate the prepared cup, it doesn't totally overwhelm the green tea base to the point where you can't taste it. The peppermint indeed tastes fresh but is not syrupy or too strong. The gunpowder green tea base is one of the better that I have tried. It is smooth, mildly vegetal and delivers just a touch of astringency. Sometimes gunpowder greens can get a little swampy, but that is not the case here.

Overall, this is definitely one of the better Moroccan Mint blends on the market. I found the ingredients to taste fresh, be of a decent quality and to be nicely balanced. There was really nothing not to like about this blend. My palate felt cleansed and refreshed after consuming my cup. If you have been seeking a Moroccan Mint blend where the mint isn't too syrupy and strong, then this is one that should definitely be checked out. Also, if you are looking for some additional selections to add to your shopping cart, my top recommendations from JING (not that I've tried everything) are their Jasmine Silver Needle, Earl Grey Supreme, Yunnan Gold (if you like a spicier Yunnan), and Dan Cong oolong. Just thinking about all the wonderful stuff on their website makes me want to contemplate an order! Further, a 50 gram bag will set you back just $4.95. Thumbs up!

— To purchase JING Tea Moroccan Mint, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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One Response to “Review: JING Tea Moroccan Mint”

  1. Chris Says:

    Fresh tasting mint tea. I make mine a little on the weak side (1 teaspoon per cup). The (whole) mint leaves quickly expand in the hot water and a brew of 2-3 minutes is sufficient to create a pleasant yellow-green brew.

    Reasonably priced and I think most would find this tea palatable except those with a strong aversion to peppermint – which is the dominant flavour.

    Second infusion is equally as good. I have not tried more than two with this blend.

    Overall. A safe buy. JING sell in small quantities so that you really can’t go wrong.

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