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Thumbs up!"Overall, this is a well designed and useful cup that also happens to be very appealing aesthetically."
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I should preface my review by stating that I am always looking for portable tea mugs that do not use plastic inside the mugs or infuser baskets. I've broken a glass one already, and am currently fairly pleased with a rugged and pleasantly unbreakable stainless steel one that I've been using mostly for tisanes rather than teas, since I have concerns about how stainless steel might or might not affect tea tastes...I'll take a chance with a simple bagged black tea, but I can also accept that some teas are just meant to be enjoyed at home. So, it was with interest that I looked forward to reviewing Tea Forte's Kati Tea Brewing System. I wondered if it might be a good solution to my portable tea brewing conundrum, breakable or not.

The Kati Tea Brewing System is a tall-ish ceramic mug without a handle and with a lip at the rim that allows for the provided stainless steel infuser basket to sit right inside the mug. There's a ceramic lid that goes on top of the infuser basket. It's attractive to look at and there are great colors. Mine is a modern spring green color with a white interior. I thought that was a great idea right many times, I love the color of a mug, but won't pick it since for tea, the colored interior prevents me from seeing the color of the brewed tea, which is a quarter of the fun of drinking tea! So this is a plus in my book. The white interior of the mug allows the color of the tea to come through. The mug is double walled, which is meant to keep handling temperatures reasonable and keep the tea hot as you drink it over time. I found that the first time I brewed some tea in the mug, some earl grey made with boiled water, I took hold of the mug without thinking that it might be hot, knowing it was double walled. I was wrong. The exterior DID get hot, quite hot in fact. So don't pick up your Kati Mug thinking it will be cool to the touch at the outside. The mug exterior does cool down quickly (while the tea inside does not, happily) and can be handled comfortably in short order.

Other positive comments...Tea stays hot for a nice long time in this mug, whether you choose to use the lid or not. The infuser basket has a little stainless steel handle, is durable and attractive and can easily be lifted out and set in a dish for later use. I liked the modern design and loved the lid. I've always loved lidded tea mugs and appreciate that this one holds more than four ounces of tea. I liked the 12 ounce size, since I often drink a large cup or two of tea in the mornings. I really like the colors available and think these would make a super gift for someone. You can get a discount on the price per mug by ordering four at a time. They'd make great holiday gifts for a tea loving friend or a tea loving family.

These mugs are not meant for portability (and aren't designed to be or advertised as such, so this is not a complaint), whether you are a risk taker with your tea vessels (like me) or not. The shape of the mug doesn't make for practical portability, especially in a car. Moving around the house with one is easy-peasy, though.

My complaints about this mug? Well, I found myself wishing the mug had a handle. It gets a bit uncomfortable to the touch when hot tea is first brewed in the vessel and I did find that a drawback. The mug cools down and is easy to hold in a short time, though. I think a handle would be great on this mug for simple practical reasons, though.

Overall, this is a great looking mug that keeps your tea hot and is pleasant to handle (except when tea is first poured in) and the infuser is well made with lots of room for the tea leaves to move about. It's great for making single servings of tea when you don't need to use a pot or are just enjoying tea on your own. It would also be great for couples with different tea tastes as you could brew up individual mugs with ease. I loved the green and orange color options and there are some pretty patterned mugs that would be appealing to many as well. Overall, this is a well designed and useful cup that also happens to be very appealing aesthetically.

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