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Its OK"I'd buy this as an everyday cup, but it isn't particularly riveting."
K’s Teaview: 6.9/10
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serendipteamilkoolongFor this tea, Serendipitea is using the term Milk Oolong to denote a certain cultivar: Jin Xuan. Other companies use the term to describe their highest-quality oolongs, milk-flavoured teas, or any variety of oolong with a creamy taste. Since the term is completely unregulated, you either have to trust each individual company's explanation of their terminology or just buy what you enjoy regardless of the title.

Serendipitea suggests brewing this somewhat in between western and gong fu style: 2-3 tsp per cup, 30sec-1min. I used 2 teaspoons at 180° for 30 seconds. It is a very light and smooth. It is floral and creamy but mildly so. What character the tea has is good, but it has very little scent or aftertaste. It is a very mild and subdued cup, so while pleasant, it isn't ground-breaking.

I steeped the second infusion at 180° for 45 seconds. This cups is quite floral and has more overall flavour than the first while losing most of its milky and creamy character. It is still a smooth and delicate cup.

Steep 3 I leave for 75 seconds, and get more scent than flavour. The 4th I infuse for 2 minutes and get a cup devoid of scent with little flavour. I would do a 4th steep again, but I won't try a 5th. Afterwards, the leaves are fully opened. For an oolong, they are somewhat small, but they are mostly full and unbroken.

This tea is one I'd describe overall as "not bad." It doesn't have any big positives when compared to other teas labelled milk oolong; however, it also lacks any real negatives. It has no astringency, bitterness, or harshness. It has a minimalist flavour, but I enjoy what there is, and I'll certainly appreciate the rest of my sample. Especially at the price, I'd buy this as an everyday cup, but it isn't particularly riveting.

— To purchase SerendipiTea Milk Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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