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Thumbs up!"The taste was smooth yet spry, rearing a floral and buttery texture to compliment the subtle fruitiness."
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A little background on how I went about trying this. It was a Saturday night, I had the house all to myself, and I was full up on McDonald's and Taco Bell. Not quite ready to give in the carb crash, and in shortage of things to do (that didn't involve alcohol or money), I decided, "Eh, why not try a new tea?" There were no plans the following day; I could sleep in as long was necessary. A little caffeine couldn't hurt, right?

The obvious, safe(er) choice was to go with a white tea. In a sizable sample pack was Davidson's White Peony. I regret to say it's been a very long time since I've had a white tea. Two years ago, that would've been unheard of. White teas are what started me on my tea hobby to begin with. To think I had neglected them for so long! I blame the matcha.

Davidson's Tea has a wonderful selection of products to choose from. Problem? Their site navigation stinks. Trying to find the exact product for background info takes at least five minutes. took me five minutes. Yes, I'm slow. I've gotta say, though, their White Peony was quite unique on dry presentation. It smelled like no Peony I ever tried - spicy like a Darjeeling Silver Tip, and dark green-'n-brown like a first flush pekoe.

Brewing instructions were rather vague. Recommended steep time was somewhere in the neighborhood of three-to-five minutes. Temp and amount weren't listed. I roughly knew what to go with, so that wasn't a problem. I decided to do a teaspooned brew in 8oz of 165F water for three minutes. I could've gone longer since it was a Peony, but decided against it. I was in it for nuance.

The liquor brewed a pale - but bright - yellow with a malty melon-like nose. It resembled a White Peony in at least this regard. The taste was smooth yet spry, rearing a floral and buttery texture to compliment the subtle fruitiness. Missing was some of the requisite earthiness some Bai Mu Dans have - missing but not mandatory. It was also a pleasure to note no bitterness or vegetal aspects. Not that I was expecting any. White Peony can hold its own with mildly screwed up brews. I really don't have anything overly negative to add to that. Still not enough to best a regal Silver Needle, but more than royalty when compared to what I ate this night.

— To purchase Davidson’s Tea White Peony, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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