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Its OK"It had some of the floral, fruity and nutty characteristics of its white tea ilk...only more spinached."
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I was impressed with the color spectrum of this offering. Like the Silk Roads Tea profile proclaimed, emphasis was placed on balancing buds with leafs, greens with silver buds. It was also nice to see the requisite white tea fuzz on the leaves and stems, a clear sign that attention was paid to growing season for this Bai Mu Dan. When I opened the sample bag, I was really thrown for a loop. The scent was boldly grape, not just "a hint of". Finding fruit notes - usually melon - in a white tea is not uncommon, but so boldly a particular fruit profile (without flavoring!) is unheard of. Was I excited? Oh...a smidge.

Brewing instructions on the site called for a two-to-four-minute steep in 170F-185F water. White Peonies of brews past have handled higher temperatures well. It's very resilient for so delicate a tea type. However, I wanted to get the full effect without emboldening it too much. I brewed it for two-and-a-half in 8oz 175F; 1 tsp worth.

Even after a lighter side steep, the infusion colored to a clear yellow. The steam scent was melon-like but with an aura of "cooked vegetables" about it. For a moment, I thought I'd overdone the infusion. The taste backed up the vegetal aromatic comparison, much to my dismay. It had some of the floral, fruity and nutty characteristics of its white tea ilk...only more spinached. I was disappointed.

A second steep faired a little better, yielding an impression of smoked vegetables rather than cooked. I know how parallel that sounds, but most of the vegetal aftertaste took a backseat on the second go-around. The color was also bolder, yet the fruit notes all but vanished. If I were to recommend anything about this, it would be to steep it as light as possible, 165F-170F tops, like a good Silver Needle. This is a chancy Peony.

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