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Thumbs up!"Meriting its name, Raspberry Jasmine is a mellow and cuddlesome blend of the traditional Chinese scent and a wonderful crisp berry."
Chelsy’s Teaview: 9.2/10
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Jasmine tea dates back to the Song Dynasty in Ancient Chinese history. This is the same dynasty in which the Yixing teapot was first created. Jasmine tea, while highly popular, is not to be confused with a type of tea, but rather a scenting that can be used, hypothetically, in any type of tea. Typically, jasmine is matched with a white or green background. Raspberries are generally very juicy, crisp, sweet and tart. With these facts in mind, and a name like Raspberry Jasmine, there are certain expectations that are raised, because most tea drinkers will have eaten raspberries and tasted a typified jasmine tea. Since a real raspberry floated to the top of my yixing when I poured the water in to brew, I knew that this tea had great potential to excel my expectations.

The cup was a golden colour, not pale yellow or green, but a clear golden bell colour. I brewed the tea for two minutes at 82?C. The jasmine flavour and scent are subtle, very mellow, but still present. The raspberry taste is clean and crisp, just as it should be. The flavours mingling produces an interesting background of sweet and soothing jasmine that is wound in a garden esk smell of fresh and unwashed raspberry.

Varying the brew time down to a minute changes the way jasmine is expressed in blend. The jasmine, at one minute, takes on the typical astringent jasmine bite and lacks the mellowed flavour. This enhances the raspberry contribution, and then tastes like the washed version of a raspberry that is about to be made into a delicious jam for summer.
Either way, the tea is great and presents the jasmine and raspberry very well, highly deserving of its name.

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  1. john Says:

    looks yummy 🙂 Raspberry tea is my favorite 🙂

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