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Its OK"This Long Jing provides a light flavored, sweet cup with little longevity."
Bryan’s Teaview: 5.6/10
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cantonsuperiordragonwellCanton Tea Co. is located out of London, England. They specialize in all the major types of Chinese teas: Whites, Greens, Oolongs, Blacks, and Raw and Cooked Pu-erhs. They even have people who travel to China to find new teas for the company, while also buying direct from Taiwanese Farmers.

The Imperial Long Jing has small leaves, ranging from yellow to dark green, with a complex aroma of walnuts, sweetness, and a light toasted note. This tea was brewed Gongfu style in a Gaiwan using four grams of leaf at approximately 175 degrees.

The first infusion had a herbal, smoky aroma with a bright yellow liquor. The initial flavors were very sweet, with an excellent smoothness accompanying it. When the liquor had cooled to about 80 degrees, notes of apple appeared with a slight bitterness and roughness in the mouth.

The second infusion had notes of sweet hazelnut flavors with a background note of bitter nut skins. A faint fruit flavor, similar to apple, pineapple and mango, lingered at midpalate. The bitterness continued through this cup.

The third and fourth cups were much milder, with grassy notes, bitterness, and little sweetness. Some nut-like flavors were present when the liquor was cool, but it quickly faded and changed into bitterness.

Overall, this tea had promising notes and sweetness, but it faded rather quickly. The bitterness was constant through each cup, no matter how it was brewed. Other sessions with different brewing parameters proved this to be true. All in all, this tea was average, making it possible as an everyday green if the price was lower.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Superior Dragon Well Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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