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Thumbs up!"I really really like this blend. The ingredients are so simple, yet they work so well together. "
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This rooibos blend from Friday Afternoon was an immediate winner with me. I love rooibos blends, being someone who drinks rooibos just about every night as my go to tisane. Murray Creek Blend is a bit mysteriously named...I'd like to know where Murray Creek is and what about it made someone compliment it with such a tasty blend of goodies. The blend is really quite rooibos, peppermint and some chamomile. Chamomile is a bigger player in the blend in terms of visual presence than the peppermint. There are big flowers throughout with just a smattering of green cut peppermint leaf. The blend smells great - creamy from the rooibos, sleepy and honeyed from the chamomile, and a little punch of peppermint that you can feel in your eyes and upper sinuses when you take a deep breath. Simple, but smelling heavenly already.

I used a teaspoon of rooibos to 8 ounces of water, boiled fresh and then allowed five minutes to steep. I took my first sips of the blend in an unsweetened state, to get a feel for things. The rooibos is full and gives a background of substance to the brew, blending beautifully with the sweet fullness of chamomile. The peppermint lends a very slight medicinal flavor to things, which isn't unpleasant but does lead me to add some stevia. I love rooibos with a bit of stevia, so this isn't really a criticism. The little bit of stevia (I used about half what I normally do owing to the chamomile) made the flavors pop and banished any hint of medicinality. Where the sweet charms of chamomile were made too subtle by the peppermint, the tables are slightly turned now and the honey sweetness is really coming forward now, the mint banished just to the edges of the kingdom.

I really really like this blend. The ingredients are so simple, yet they work so well together. The mint hangs just in the right balance, making this a winner, I think, even when the taste of mint isn't the most apparent thing. The chamomile and rooibos fuse well and make this full and sweet and honeyed, just delicious for a last cup of hot goodness before bed or along with a good book. And whoever did the balancing and blending of these ingredients really did a superb job. Just about anything with mint added tends to get very minty very fast and mint tends to be the most dominant flavor, but here, the balance is just excellent. The good flavor is just so...good!!

I highly highly recommend this brew to anyone who enjoys rooibos blends. It's great sweetened or unsweetened, you can affect the strength of the mint depending on how you drink it. I think I'll be paying a visit to the Friday Afternoon website when my current stash of rooibos runs low as this is one I'm not sure I'd ever tire of!

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