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Thumbs up!"This is a friendly Pu-erh for those of us that are not really lovers of the stuff. The other ingredients are known to be detoxifying and seem to marry together in a rather interesting way."
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"The great, wonderful, original flavor of BourgeaTea Detox is a blend of luxury Golden Yunnan Pu-erh, Organic Rooibos, and precisely selected herbs (such as organic lemon myrtle, juniper, ginger, anise, marigold, and birch leaves — just to name a few). Together they purposefully mingle into a light and unique tea that exists to cleanse, clear any sort of hangover, and detoxify the body so that you can have health and a clear mind." ---BourgeaTEA website.

I have been saving this blend for a time when I feel like I need it. And, lemme tell you, honey, I feel like I need it today. I have eaten poorly for the past few days and feel rather sluggish and bloated. Therefore, since I knew that this blend was due to be reviewed, there was no question which sample was getting reviewed today! In fact, I prepared this in my Breville One-Touch, which makes a minimum of two cups if that tells you anything. To be honest, I am not the world's biggest lover of Pu-erh, but it is known to aid in digestion so I am game. The dry sample package is chock full of the 'precisely selected' herbs and smells rather lemony. I do wish that the BourgeaTEA website would mention of all the ingredients and especially when it comes to herbs as some folks have to be careful about what they ingest.

There were no brewing parameters listed on the website but I found some recommendations on another website and went with 195 degree water temp and a 4 min infusion. The prepared blend primarily smells of Pu-erh and lemons. Since I don't really enjoy the aroma and often the taste of Pu-erh, I was relieved to find that the Pu-erh was not super dominate in the prepared cup. There is a bit of an earthy, rich backdrop but the flavor profile is dominated by the lemon and spice. I found the ginger to give a nice contribution to the flavor profile. While it may have been just the ginger, I also thought I tasted a bit of pepper in the blend. Yunnans are known for their peppery finish, but I am not certain if that is the case with Yunnan Pu-erhs? Either way, the blend overall, was rather tasty and I enjoyed the cup. I also am not a huge fan of anise and I could taste it's presence mostly in the aftertaste. Overall, though it did not detract from my enjoyment of the blend.

Pu-erhs are always a bit of a gamble for me as I often find them to be a bit too "earthy" for me. There are other words I could choose instead of earthy, but since the one used here is rather mild, I see no reason to go there. I was gonna say medicinal....what were you thinking I was gonna say?? This is a friendly Pu-erh for those of us that are not really lovers of the stuff. The other ingredients are known to be detoxifying and seem to marry together in a rather interesting way. The combination of lemon and spice is not something that you come across everyday yet it somehow works. I can see myself enjoying a cup of this along side a nice healthy salad and/or with a piece of grilled chicken (free range). If the BourgeaTEA website would list how much tea you get in a small canister for $16, I might feel more comfortable assigning it a higher score. However, this is one that I would at least give some consideration to and would likely purchase (depending upon the price to quantity ratio).

— To purchase BourgeaTEA Detox, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Lelia Says:

    Thanks for the tip on this tea. Like you I have found pureh to be a little too strong or earthy. I will give this a try to see about the health benefits. We all have days where we need help in this area of our bodies.

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