Review: Canton Tea Co. 1999 Vietnamese Cooked Loose Puerh

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Thumbs up!"The first sip shocked me with its strongly grounded flavor, and I found myself quickly intrigued by the tastes."
Jamie’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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cantonvietnameselooseThe leaves of this loose leaf cooked puerh (1999) are thick and dark chocolate colored, with a light loose curl to them like an open oolong. The smell is immediately intriguing - very definitely earthy in nature - perhaps some would feel to an extreme degree. My first impression is that the tea has a dusty, dirty sort of natural scent to it that some how manages to attract me, even while raising my eyebrows.

I used a heaped teaspoon of leaf to eight ounces of water that I boiled and allowed to cool for about a minute before pouring. Once poured, I allowed a 4 minute steep.

Coloration was dark reddish coffee hue and I found the scent to have strong earthy elements abounding - much woodiness and much that simply smells of soil (I want to say dirt-y, but I should feel comfortable doing so only by stressing that I am an avid gardener, and so good earth smells whole and natural to me, unless it's anaerobic, but there's nothing foul in the earthiness of this tea's scent). The first sip shocked me with its strongly grounded flavor, and I found myself quickly intrigued by the tastes. There's a great deal of depth to it, and the tea is full but not all smooth. The flavors are full but there are some dynamic elements, primarily in the finish, which is a little tangy and pungent and leaves the mouth humming a bit with a sense of zingy alertness after swallowing.

I would suggest this as a wonderful puerh for those that like pungent and very earthy puerh. It feels nourishing thanks to the full flavor and lingering nature of the taste, the earthy, woody (even loggy) elements create a drink that is wonderully elemental and grounding. I suspect that this tea would not appeal so much to those who like a sweeter puerh or prefer puerh flavored. Those who are fans of the more piquant, tongue tantalizing flavors of cooked puerh may find this offering well worth some exploration. It drew me in quite quickly. Highly flavored and distinct.

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2 Responses to “Review: Canton Tea Co. 1999 Vietnamese Cooked Loose Puerh”

  1. Pu Erh Tee Says:

    I don’t really like the dusty ones usually, but prefer the earthy woody ones. How much of dustiness was in the taste as compared to the scent?

  2. jamie and shawn Says:

    the first sip of this tea was surprising, strongly dusty, dirt-y sort of tasting. what was more surprising though was how i began to enjoy it. The first sips literally raised my eyebrows but I ended up finding earthy and woody notes very prominent, and the “dusty” sense retreating. For myself, it was quite enjoyable, and the initial tastes were surprising. Canton recommends using a gong fu method with this, which might alter things considerably and as an aside, I did no wash of any kind with the leaves. I’d recommend trying it. Earth and wood are in there for sure!

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