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Thumbs up!"Chamomile dominated, followed by a woody middle and a wild mint-like finish."
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Sacred Rose® (LTD) is an outfit that has an interesting if "out there" mission statement. The goal of their herbal blends are to - and I quote - raise "the vibrational frequency of humanity one cup of tea at a time." Yeah. You can't get any New Age-ier than that, folks. I don't mean that as a slight, rather a statement of awe. That would have to be the boldest esoteric tea claim I've heard in quite some time. Now, I've done my fair share of research regarding "human vibration frequencies", particularly on the Law of Attraction side. (I.e. The happier you are, the more likely you are to attract happy happenstances based upon your happy...uh...stance. In other words, b.s. from The Secret.) I, actually, consider myself a bit of an amateur New Age enthusiast. I personally noticed the better my day was if my mood reflected it. wasn't one of those days. A tension headache made short work of my good mood for most of the day. Ibuprofen wasn't helping. I even stayed away from my engorged tea collection for fear of making the imaginary skull-vise worse. It was kept relatively in check with frequent snacking, constant glasses of water, and a general policy of "calm-the-f-word-down". The night prior, I researched herbal concoctions that might help with it. Three kept popping up in my online perusal - chamomile, valerian root and skullcap. It just so happened that one of Sacred Rose's blends - one I'd request to review, the one I'm writing about now - had all three, as well as dashes of passion flower.

I guess I must've been vibrating something fierce to will that kinda luck. Their Dreamtime® blend - also coincidentally - was specifically designed to coincide with aligning the Sixth Chakra, also known as "Ajna"; the Brow Chakra, The Third Eye, right in the middling of my head. Awesome. My Third Eye was angry about whatever and needed something hot and beverage-y to calm it's...uh...Ajna-ness down.

What to say about the blend on first impression: Well, it smelled like medicine. Foul, foul medicine. The aroma reminded me of something a fantasy genre-borne apothecary would concoct to remove a curse. Most of the blame rests in the blend, not the blender. Chamomile naturally smells like medicine and buttery blossoms - kinda neutral - whereas valerian root has the fragrant consistency of wet socks and weeds. Or weeds in wet socks, not pleasant. Appearance-wise, the blend fared better in its lovely bouquet of greens and yellows, resembling contents of a "faery" garden.

There were brewing instructions on the Sacred site, but that didn't matter much. These were herbs, strong-willed ones at that. Typical approach: 1 heaping tablespoon of leaves/blossoms in 8oz of freshly boiled water, steeped for six minutes. My headache didn't allow for much deviation from that, so I stuck with what worked before.

After the allotted time, the infusion colored to a pale green-gold. The aroma was thankfully more chamomile medicinal than valerian woodiness. A citrus and mint profile were also there somewhere; odd since there weren't any of either in the herbal pastiche. The taste reflected the aroma. Chamomile dominated, followed by a woody middle and a wild mint-like finish. It resembled chamomile blends I've had before, but had a better balance to it. I've even attempted some on my own with similar ingredients to only passable success.

This definitely isn't an inexpensive item. It's available as a 3oz package, and that's it. Some folks versed in herbs could easily pick up their own ingredients in bulk and blend it themselves for cheaper. However, the time for trial and error to match the balance on this dreamtime blend would probably not be worth it. My headache also alleviated a tad. Sacred Rose - for good vibrations or bad - know what they're doing.

— To purchase Sacred Rose Dreamtime, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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