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Thumbs up!"I had to take several sips before I was able to believe my taste buds. This tea, while deliciously malty and sweet, had zero astringency. It was amazingly smooth."
Erika’s Teaview: 9/10
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americanrubyblackI have read multiple reviews of ATR’s Ruby Black, all of which placed it in the highest regard.  It sounded so unique and delicious that I wanted to try it out for myself.  As I would soon find out, the high praise was not an exaggeration, but simply admiration for an amazing product.  Ruby Black is a rare Taiwanese black tea produced form native Myanmar and imported Assam trees. The leaves were like no other black tea I had ever seen.  They were absolutely huge.  So huge in fact, that I felt the need to measure a few.  Within my sample there were plenty of leaves over the two-inch mark.  In addition to the size, the appearance was equally remarkable.  Each leaf was long and tightly twisted, forming a winding black spear.  The scent was earthy and rich with malt.  Subtle notes of tobacco were also present along with an enticing underlying sweetness.

I prepared my cup by following the instructions printed on the bag.  ATR recommends one teaspoon in 200-degree water with a two minute steep.  Due to the size of the leaves, I gave up the idea of using my tea scoop and tried my best to estimate the amount by picking the leaves with fingers directly from the bag.

Two minutes later, a semi-transparent amber cup was waiting, a little lighter in color than I had imagined.  As the steam danced and twirled, I hovered over the cup and rich, malty notes rose to greet me.  I had to take several sips before I was able to believe my taste buds.  This tea, while deliciously malty and sweet, had zero astringency.  It was amazingly smooth.  After each taste, I patiently waited, expecting just a tiny hint of astringency but none was to be found.  Instead, I noticed a slight minty sensation on the back of my tongue that lingered briefly.  The tea is also touched with a lovely and natural honey-like sweetness.  Both factors combined to create a delicious, unique, and easy drinking black tea.  Ruby Black is like nothing I have ever sampled before and I highly recommend giving it a try.  A two-ounce bag goes for $29.25, but if that is outside of your budget, a sample bag will give you four servings for $8.00.  Regardless of the size you go with, this tea is delicious and worth every penny.

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