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Thumbs up!"This is a very herbal cup. Those familiar with relaxation-oriented tisanes will know what I'm talking about."
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A little context for you. At roughly 4:45AM - an hour before deciding to try this - my cat howled her usual mournful wake-up greeting. It sounds like a combination of "Meh" and "Mrowr" and loosely translates to "Food!" Swatting her away didn't detract her, so I rousted bleary-eyed and went for the IAMS bag. I had every intention of returning to sleep, but sometimes one's brain has different proclivities. Thoughts about bills, my dubious (and nonexistent) employment status, and social issues of trivial import invaded - keeping me awake. What better time to break out an herbal dubbed "Inner Peace".

The first thing I appreciated about this blend was the description of it on the Sacred Rose site. It was thankfully short. At four-plus-o'-clock in the morning, the last thing I wanted to do was a lot of reading. Ingredients for the blend included chamomile, sage, and passionflower - all known relaxants. Also a relief to the tired drinker, everything in the blend could be easily spotted. Shoots of green sage were neat to behold in their stalky presence, and the bulbs of chamomile and passion dotted the rest. Sage and chamomile dominated the aroma like a hippie-made candle.

Brewing instructions called for 1 tsp in 1 cup of boiling water, steeped for five-to-eight minutes. I went for a middling six-minute infusion. That usually worked best for me with botanicals.

The liquor colored to a partially foggy yellow with a roasty, herbal nose. Inner peace never smelled so much like an herb shop. The aroma wasn't exactly unwelcoming, just off-putting, but then again that's sage for ya. Taste-wise, though, it did quite well. Creaminess took over the initial texture (passionflower?) while the floral notes went to work occupying the body and finish. This is a very herbal cup. Those familiar with relaxation-oriented tisanes will know what I'm talking about. Flavor isn't often a strong consideration. However, Inner Peace deserves credit in being a very nuanced and balanced blend. What good flavor was imparted seemed a result of the symbiotic cooperation of the botanicals. A Sacred Rose staple, from where I sit. I can't help but approve.

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