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Its OK"This treat is, truly, a green chocolate. The delicate little square, revealed, has a beautiful 8 pointed star embossed into its surface and the color is a dark, tea-y green."
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Green Kiss Green Chocolate, offered by Life in Teacup, is a 100% organic sweet treat made with 100%; Japanese shade grown tea and set in a base of 29% cocoa butter. The chocolates are made in Germany for a company called Shimodozono International. The pieces I had to sample were flat squares 5 grams in weight and individually wrapped with a simple wrapper featuring a cartoonesque Japanese woman with green lips. The chocolate is immediately surprising and I should point out before going further that this is not a dark chocolate (or even a milk chocolate) infused with a green tea. This treat is more accurately defined, truly, as a green chocolate. The delicate little square, revealed, has a beautiful 8 pointed star embossed into its surface and the color is a dark, tea-y green. The green tea blends into the cocoa butter base (think tea infused white chocolate) with a slight lustre and is flecked through with darker green specks. In terms of scent this treat smells much like white chocolate with just a subtle hinting at the tea. The flavor is delicate and subtle, not too sweet, overtly white chocolate in flavor with a little taste of the green tea infusion in there as well. The flavor is extremely subtle in its approach. This chocolate would be lovely alongside a bowl of matcha, especially, as the matcha I think would "chasen" away (oh, gosh, sorry!) some of the fatty residue the cocoa butter leaves in the mouth. I can also see this chocolate being nicely paired with a buttery, bittersweet green.

I found this enjoyable but not something I would seek out. As with most white chocolates, the flavor is very full from the chocolate alone, making the tea harder to distinguish and difficult to savor. This particular chocolate left me with a more oily/fatty sense in the mouth than I could enjoy. The green tea is so subtle that I found it hard to keep track of. White chocolate seems a bit of a bully in this pairing. I think those who dislike white chocolate should steer clear of this unique green chocolate and look for a dark or milk chocolate infused with green tea as it would be more pleasing. White chocolate lovers may appreciate the treat, though I found the residue in the mouth a bit overwhelming for a white chocolate, and not tea-y enough to make it seem truly a "green chocolate."

For unique-ness and a sweet treat that very well may please a green tea (and white chocolate) loving individual, this seems worth a try.

— To purchase Life In Teacup Green Kiss!, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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