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Its OK"These premium quality confections are a treat to sample, and certainly a great inspiration for some baking experiments! Although the chocolate bark is of excellent quality, I wouldn't bother buying it as a tea lover."
Sophie’s Teaview: 6.8/10
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Adding tea to various products, from yogurt to hand cream, seems to be all the rage these days. I was more than happy to jump onto that bandwagon when American Tea Room asked reviewers to sample their line of tea-flavoured sweets. I expected great things from these treats as the blenders at American Tea Room normally have impeccable taste. Even my cats knew something special was happening: I repeatedly had to fend them off my plate!

The first to grab my attention was the white chocolate Earl Grey petit four, with its sugar-preserved rose petal. This square is the most visually striking of the four cakes I received to sample - the pretty petal on top adds a definite touch of elegance. The best thing about this cake though was the frosting: buttery, lemony and so delicious! Not only is it completely covered by this delectable coating, there are two more layers inside. The Earl Grey flavour was rather muted. More easily detectable was the floral taste of the lavender. It seemed to work particularly well with the hint of lemon in the frosting. I would reach for this if I was in the mood for something decadent and creamy, but not if I wanted a strong Earl Grey flavour in cake form.

Next in line came the matcha petit four, a round, pale green cake entirely covered with icing and topped with a pastille of white chocolate. It's by far the most exotic and unusual confection I received. The texture was a little grainy but very moist and soft. The two generous layers of frosting inside probably have something to do with that. The matcha's flavour was detectable yet smooth and delicate. Also present were a zing of ginger and lemon rind. The piece of white chocolate created an intensely sweet topping. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, as I find it's usually too sweet for me. In contrast with the matcha and the ginger however, it took on a more pleasant dimension. This is certainly worth a try for matcha fans.

I tried the Extreme Vanilla tea cake next. This round, frosted cake certainly lived up to its name. The vanilla taste is strong, with lots of depth to it, yet not overbearing. I suspect premium ground vanilla beans were used rather than an extract. The sugar frosting provides a pleasant crunch to the top. Although certainly more than acceptable, I was the least impressed with this offering: it's the most conventional of the selection in my sample. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy something like this online. However if I happened to be in Beverly Hills around tea time, I might be tempted to order one with my tea.

Finally I tried the lavender Earl Grey tea cake. This turned out to be my favourite of the lot. Although the decadence of the Earl Grey petit four's frosting does appeal to me, I preferred the simplicity of this cake. The zing of the bergamot, the buttery batter and the sugar topping complement each other perfectly. As with the other tea cake, the frosting lends a good amount of crunch. If you are aiming to sample a tea-flavoured cake, I would aim for this one. The presence of the tea is more than just a gimmick here. The prominent lavender Earl Grey flavour does create something really special.

At 20$ for four bite-sized cakes, these are good for a splurge or a nice gift idea. However, there are no ingredients listed anywhere, either on the website or on the packaging. The selection of available flavours of petits fours is also missing. These premium quality confections are a treat to sample though, and certainly a great inspiration for some baking experiments of my own!

Review of American Tea Room's Chocolate Tea Bark:

Made with 71% cocoa dark chocolate, this bark made with Tangier tea and apricots is definitely a decadent and rich product. The chocolate is very creamy, rather than being waxy or overly sugary. It tastes like premium stuff, presumably of European origin. American Tea Room can be counted on not to skimp on the quality of their ingredients. Unfortunately theses are not listed anywhere, either on the website or on the packaging, so I can't be sure of their provenance. My chocolate palate is not quite that developed -yet! The tea's contribution is hard to detect, other than the slightly grainy texture left by the powdered leaves and a little extra smokiness to the overall flavour. The pieces of apricot are few and far between. My sample isn't exactly "riddled" with them, as the website's description promises. They do lend a faint floral tinge to the aftertaste however.

The addition of tea here doesn't doesn't improve the flavour of the chocolate particularly and seems rather on the gimmicky side. At 15$ for 6 ounces of chocolate, it's not outrageously priced for this kind of quality, but it's not cheap either. Although the chocolate is very good and wouldn't refuse a piece or three if offered, I wouldn't bother buying this bark as a tea lover. It doesn't showcase the lovely Tangier tea especially well.

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  1. American Tea Room Says:

    Thanks for your review Sophie. Just a note of clarification: the Tea Cakes are only $2.50 each. The petit fours are sold as a boxed set of four and are $20. Because none of these items contain preservatives we only ship the Petit Fours online (as the chocolate has a longer shelf life). The tea cakes are available in store only and that is why these are not online. We are expanding our menu and as products allow we will be including them in our online offerings.

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