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Its OK"This will please those who tend to like sweet, milky treats more than those looking for a true chocolaty taste."
Sophie’s Teaview: 6.9/10
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I'm almost as big a fan of chocolate as I am of teas. I have very little will power where either are concerned, especially when it comes to trying new varieties. This particular concoction is rather unusual and should appeal to green tea lovers, particularly to those who appreciate Japanese greens. Made in Germany, this certified organic treat is made with traditionally grown, partially shaded organic Kabushecha (both powdered and whole), organic cocoa butter, organic raw cane sugar, organic milk powder, soy lecithin and vanilla.

A vaguely fruity aroma wafts from the pretty wrapper as I open it. The square is a gently mottled shade of olive green. Although not white, it is close to white chocolate in taste, with some interesting modulations. The presence of the green tea brings a fruity-yet-vegetal edge that softens the sugary taste. This delicate contribution is relatively mild yet noticeable. The other prominent element of the flavour profile comes from the milk powder. A few bigger pieces of tea leaves lend a pleasant crunch to each bite. Otherwise the body of the chocolate is creamy and soft.

Generally, this will please those who tend to like sweet, milky treats more than those looking for a true chocolaty taste. The flavour of the green tea is clearly detectable and well integrated to that of the other ingredients. Although not cheap at 4.99$ for a 30g bar or 3 bite-sized 5g squares for 2.70$, that's about standard for higher end, organic chocolates. They do get less expensive if you order bigger quantities. Conveniently, Life in Teacup has a wide range of different options to choose from. In the end, I do prefer the depth of flavour of a dark chocolate, so I don't think I would buy this for myself. However I would not hesitate to purchase this as a gift for a white chocolate lover.

— To purchase Life In Teacup Green Kiss!, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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