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Thumbs up!"Yes, this is definitely one of those blends that is meant to consumed as a cold drink!"
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kteascarribeandream"A vibrant blend of tropical dried fruits, herbs and coconut—delightful over ice, great for serving at summer parties. Furthermore, consider it a low-calorie topping for ice cream or mixed with nuts as a snack!" ---KTeas website.

I almost find it a bit odd that the day that I find myself craving a herbal tisane, which rarely happens to begin with, is a day when it happens to have snowed most of the day here in Michigan. I knew this blend was amongst my samples from Teaviews and I selected it and headed out to the KTeas website to check brewing instructions. Then I read the description and saw the suggestion of trying this as an ice cream topping. Well, guess who just so happens to have some vanilla ice cream in her freezer? I am almost more excited to try this as an ice cream topping as I am to check it out as a beverage!

KTeas lists the ingredients in this one as coconut, hibiscus flower, rose hips, orange peel, pineapple, and marigold petals. Admittedly, blends with hibiscus and rose hips are generally not favorites of mine as they are just too tart. In fact, I seldom request samples with those ingredients in them anymore. I generally only drink blends that have them as ingredient if they are really down played or as a cold drink with a fair amount of sweetener to counter the tartness. However, I am such a lover of coconut that I found this hard to resist when requesting the sample. I love, love, love coconut. I prepared this using water brought to a full boil, a 5 min infusion time and double the amount of German rock cane sugar that I generally add to other blends.

Hot drink: As is the case with pretty much all the fruit tisanes that have a fair amount of hibiscus and rose hips, I do find the hot beverage to be too tart. It does brew up to an attractive berry color and it's other redeeming quality is that the coconut flavor makes it's presence known despite the bullying from the tartness. However, it is unlikely that I would ever prepare this to be consumed as a hot drink as it is just a bit too tart for me.

Cold drink: Yes, this is definitely one of those blends that is meant to consumed as a cold drink! The coconut steps even more to the forefront of the flavor profile, but it does still remain somewhat tart. Darn that hibiscus! However, even with double the normal sugar than I normally use, this still has far less sugar in it than soda, pre-sweetened teas, Kool Aid and the like. As far as these fruit tisanes go, I would have to say that this is one of the better ones---at least if you like coconut like I like coconut. Further, as a cold drink, I can actually pick out a touch of the pineapple giving this more of a tropical feel. I can picture myself making up a big pitcher of this stuff in the summer time and guzzling it down like nothing on a hot day.

Ice cream topping: After a FAIR amount of sampling this as an ice cream topping, I am not sure that I am in love with this as such. It doesn't taste bad or anything, but to just say spoon some over ice cream didn't really work for me. The tisane was just too thin when brewed like a beverage and got lost in the ice cream. Maybe for those of you who cook (Jamie), there might be some good way to infuse this into a simple syrup. That might be quite tasty. However, I would personally would not buy this for an ice cream topping otherwise.

Overall, I do consider this to be one of the better fruit tisanes on the market particularly because it has a strong coconut presence----and I do love me some coconut. However, I could only enjoy this as a cold drink and with a fair amount of sugar. If you can tolerate hibiscus, then this one is definitely worth consideration!

— To purchase KTeas Caribbean Dream, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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