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Thumbs up!"'s a very pleasant caribbean tropical tea."
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Anytime I get a chance to taste a new tea from Joy's Teaspoon, I get excited. If you peruse their website you will find a wonderful variety of blends... not just blends of flavors, but blends of teas!

Mojito Madness is not exception as it blends rooibos and black tea with mint and other flavors.

I had never had a Mojito - but I like rum, and the flavors sounded interesting... mint, lime and essence of rum. Since rooibos tea usually steeps 8-10 min and black only 5-6, I used water that had just come to boil and steeped it 7 min. This seems to be the perfect timing.

The tea is dark and smells quite tropical. When I smelled the tea, it seemed that I caught a scent of coconut, which is not listed in the tea ingredients. But once brewed, the mint is the strongest scent.

My first cup of Mojito Madness was a disaster. Because it had black tea, I thought I might add milk.... ugh! I didn't like it all. I added a bit of sweetener and it was worse. The blend of flavors was awful and I dumped the cup of tea!

I set it aside for quite a while, but during a visit to Miami, my daughter and I had the most wonderful dinner at a Cuban restaurant. The house cocktail was a Mojito, and we order them with our dinner. The rum with lime and fresh mint was delicious and refreshing! So when I got home, I was determined to try this tea again!

This time, I did not add anything to the tea. My first sip was nice... though quite strong in rooibos flavor, the tropical flavors were followed by gentle mint. The more I sipped the more I enjoyed this tea!

Now, I'm not real big on rooibos flavor, though I know it's good for my health and digestion. But after a few sips, I was more focused on the tropical flavor than I was on the rooibos. The lime is gentle - really more of a general tropical fruit flavor. The mint is a very refreshing aftertaste. The rum...well.. I couldn't taste the rum essence at all.

I'm glad I gave this tea a second chance. I think it could make a fantastic iced tea - as Mojito's are served over ice. But even hot, it's a very pleasant caribbean tropical tea. Don't think Hawaii... think Caribbean. And I must admit... Joy's teaspoon suggest the addition of a bit of rum... in iced tea... this could be fantastic!

— To purchase Joy’s Teaspoon Mojito Madness, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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