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Thumbs up!"Tea treats that are dreamt about by little girls throwing tea parties with stuffed animals. These are top of the line petit fours, tea cakes and chocolate, all infused with tea, and all delicious in their own right. "
Chelsy’s Teaview: 9.4/10
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The treats and goodies that the American Tea Room shipped out were of three varieties, and we shall begin with the dark chocolate tea bark, which was 71% dark chocolate. It was infused with tangier tea and sprinkled with dried apricots. I did sample these sweets with a few friends to get a variety of different opinions. Most everyone said that they weren’t too keen on the apricots that were dangling from the chocolate. The chewiness of the apricot just did not jive well with the snappy dark chocolate. I detected little bits of more crunchy chocolate than other areas, which I liked, but could not pass a final judgment on what it really was, perhaps tea? I don’t know. Whatever it was, it added a good texture within the chocolate. Honestly, this is a good chocolate, but there’s not too much tea flavour there. I think this is because the dark chocolate is over powering, and perhaps the tea flavour would be best served in milk or white chocolate.

Next is the Extreme Vanilla frosted tea cake. The frosting is good and confectioner’s sugar good, but not overpowering. When the tea cakes came out of the box they were hard, and I didn’t like that. When I left them to air a bit (an hour) they were still in the box, but it had been opened and some moisture worked its way into the cakes. They were much better having a little humidity worked into them. This particular flavour reminded me of a Christmas cookie candle or a vanilla wafer. The vanilla tea flavour isn’t fake and it is very present. Perhaps a bit too present for me, but all my fellow tasters really appreciated this cake, so it earned a big smiley face.

The Lavender Earl Grey tea cake was wonderful. The lavender and bergamot worked really well into a cake fashion. I have no idea how, but there’s a hint of some mint in there, perhaps in the frosting, but it adds a refreshing note to the cake. This cake is a good expression of the tea that it was created to represent. The frosting sweetness was perfect and, in my opinion, it was the better of the two cakes. Lovely.

Next, the Lavender Earl Grey Petit Four. When I saw this one in the box, it was just gorgeous. Like queen of England tea party style, wondrous. The white chocolate coating is very good, but it does overpower the taste of the petit four as a whole. When the chocolate is peeled off, the inner cake does adequately represent the lavender earl grey, but not everyone liked dissecting dessert. Finally, this petit four is topped with a sugar preserved rose petal, which was absolutely darling. This would make a wonderful wedding cake.

Finally, the crowd favourite, and mine also, was the white chocolate matcha petit four. The funky green colour seems rebellious and daring next to the other petit four and the cakes. The layers are yummy, good creamy white chocolate frosting between the layers of matcha cake, and a brilliant use of the matcha, as it comes through the chocolate and cake with its best attributes in tact. I took the white chocolate “chip” off of the top, as it seemed more aesthetic than something meant to be eaten.

Overall, these treats are wonderful. The tea cakes seem to lend themselves more to the tea flavours that they are portraying, however the petit fours are not to be missed.

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