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Thumbs up!"It's a delicious, unique little collection."
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By the time they arrived at my door, the Petit Fours had been somewhat crushed in shipment, and yet they still managed to look rather tasty, and they'd better. After all the bragging Dave Barenholtz does on Facebook about Valerie Confections, I expect a lot out of this mini collection.

I begin with the matcha petit four. I cut it in half to best see the many layers of deliciousness, and it is a sight to behold. Despite being in the mail for several days, it is still soft and not at all dry. It is strongly matcha-flavoured, but the flavour doesn't overpower the senses. While most sweetened matcha things hurt my teeth, this is not overly sweet. It is so flavourful and decadent that you really only need one. Like a good dark chocolate, all it takes is a few bites to satisfy the craving. In this case, it would satisfy either a matcha or a sweets craving. Or both. Surprisingly, this dessert ended up being my second favourite, not because it didn't measure up, but because one other was so amazing there's just no way to measure up.

Second dessert: Lavender Earl Grey frosted tea cake. Wow. Strongly lavender and earl grey, this mini-cake really lives up to its name. The strong aftertaste makes me feel almost as if I'm eating the tea itself, only the texture is much better. I am in love with this bold icing.

Extreme Vanilla frosted tea cake. Of the four pieces, this was the most, well, vanilla. It's quite simple compared to the others yet still rich compared to your average dessert. It has a great lingering creamy finish and does somewhat resemble tea. Definitely strongly vanilla-tasting.

Lavender Earl Grey Petit Four. Despite the fact that Fedex crushed my box enough that the supposed rose petal was entirely dust upon arriving, I could eat dozens of these in one sitting. I could write love poems about these. It's so moist and smooth. It's flavourful without overpowering. I love the creamy inner layers and that the earl grey and lavender are both distinct flavours. Well-balanced and delicious.

Tangier 71% Dark Chocolate. Distinct. Focuses on the chocolate, which I appreciate. The Tangier flavour is mostly in the aftertaste. I love the apricot bits and overall, I'd call this very successful. Well, I'd call all of these rather successful. It's a delicious, unique little collection, and any of ATR's confections would make an excellent gift for someone else or treat for yourself.

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  1. David Says:

    I’m crushed they crushed your tea delights 🙁 At least you fared better than Lynn whose package was sent to New Hampshire (even though she is the closest to the store).
    I think I learned my lesson from now on and will send things directly to Stephen 🙂

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