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Thumbs up!"It is perfectly smooth with a nutty scent and flavour."
K’s Teaview: 8.6/10
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jingpreraindragonwellDragonwell teas are weird for me. They are possibly the only high-quality tea that I usually prefer to drink without taking the leaves out. There are other teas I enjoy this way, like a good silver needle, but I rarely prefer them this way. Despite the fact that this high-class tea with a specific harvest date (April 9, 2010), I still love treating it like a peasant tea.

To be fair, I did try this Western-style first. Two teaspoons per cup, 165°, 3 minutes. It is smooth and vegetal and somewhat buttery. I pull out a second, 4 minute, equally satisfying steep. Really, it's everything I want from a Dragonwell, but while satisfying, it's not a whole lot more, and it's just not for me. However...

A teaspoon of leaf in a cup. Steeped at 172°, not strained. Once I got about halfway through the tea, I added more hot water. Kept doing that until it was too weak, then added more leaf. Continued until there was more leaf than water in the cup. I have no idea how much tea I got from the leaf, nor do I care. I also did this at work, which means that I drank it while piping hot and after it had sat around for a long time and gotten stone cold.

Steeped this second way, I found the tea much more to my liking. Not that Western-style or gong fu brewing don't do this tea justice; I just prefer the depth of this latter style. It's lighter than I anticipated, but it still has plenty of flavour. It is perfectly smooth with a nutty scent and flavour. Very smooth and calming. Whether it's hot or cold or brewed with one teaspoon of leaf for four, every sip is fantastic. Great texture and flavour and a fantastic experience overall. This is a great example of a great classic tea. Definitely recommended.

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