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Thumbs up!"There could hardly be a better pair, as the bubbly minted root beer aroma blends so well with the rooibos, while the root tootin’ root beer flavour adds extra sweet delight. "
Raven’s Teaview: 8.3/10
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necessiteasrootbeerfloatDoo wap diddy, dooby, dooby dooooo. Although I’ve never dipped into a root beer float after cutting a rug at the sock hop, as the fifties were before my time, there’s a certain kind of nostalgia thinking of a malt shop diner where I had root beer floats and cherry cokes as a teen. It’s like swamp water and Shirley Temples, when set before you, you just feel giddy, good and whole. Regardless of where one sets one up, root beer floats are just tasty fun with enough whimsy that there can't be a care in the world and even nicer when it’s in a fancy glass. So finding that Necessiteas offered a tea as an incantation of this divine creation need no invitation, I was ready to bee boppa lula my way to try it. Yet, making a beverage into another beverage is an odd sort of endeavour. Stranger still, is making a cold beverage into a warm one but it is certainly enough to be curious. Plus, using a rooibos base seemed a natural stroke of fine mixology, given its innate sassafras like qualities mimic root beer itself.
Without a jukebox to play, the music began upon seeing the leaves. Richly, shining, the medium mahogany leaves are relatively uniform, ranging from two to 4 millimeters with a slight gradation of nifty tawny browns from copper to auburn. Most inviting and tender looking, I was ready to get some foam on. First dipping into the mix, the bubbly aroma froths from the package with a sweet minty spout. Just like the pink, white and green square powdery mints I used to fondly steal at a favorite childhood restaurant, the scent has the same clarifying yet smoothed mintiness. Despite the fact that I once read those open mint bowls at restaurants are germ parties, the sweet familiarity was endearing and not at all what I was expecting. Once out of the package though, the mintiness while still there seemed to relax as the bouquet became more root beer like in a way I’d suspect of the dry root ingredients, rather than when you’re hovering above a mug about to take a sip. Aromatic and I think more Mugs-like than Hires or Barq’s, the fresh scent pours out root beer with more high notes while the rooibos nicely falls into stream with toffee and tobacco aromas.
Although I was tempted to dig out the ice cream scoop to scoop out the tea with a seltzer nozzle to spray out the water, I acquiesced with less fanfare to create my float with one teaspoon of tea. With a shake, rattle and steamy roll, I steeped the tea for seven minutes as directed on the tea’s package. It gave me plenty of time to fetch out the fountain glass as I watched the rooibos rah rah rev up some root beer.
There’s no white foamy head but the dark blazing coppery colour of the brew isn’t so far from a root beer’s bubble. Plus, the medium tone isn’t as nostalgic but it is hearty enough to be welcoming. What is nostalgic though is the root tootin bouquet that froths up. The bountiful aroma is sweet with a cleansing, energizing fizz, as if to wake-up your senses. The scent still reminds me some of those pastel mints with a fresh sassafras character that I can imagine fresh homemade root beer would resemble. Ending on a hay-like reediness of the rooibos, I can’t help get a little giddy to taste from the smell. And cheers your glass you can with the full flavour. It’s not quite like drinking a soda pop, as the root beer flavour is lighter and slightly minty, it does have a sweet amusement, much like the soda. Although the mintiness was an unexpected slant to the tea, it lends a faint deliciously clean aftertaste in your mouth after a quick finish which is far nicer than how pop can leave your mouth feeling. The rooibos gurgles through the bulk of the sip with a tuber reediness that seems a bit waxy and slightly numbing but flows groovily along with the root beer flavours. Apart from the hot diggedy root beer taste, I can’t say I found the float part, like some creaminess, but calling the tea Root beer Float may be partly because it’s not as thick a flavour as a bottle-o-pop.
A twist and shout back to the kettle for another steeping spouts out a second brew, still a medium colour but less reddish as a dark orangey brown. This time the aroma sells the float a little bit more as the bouquet is less minty while it has a chiffon like, vanilla extract spin. Although the sweetness lessens, the scent still has a bit of marshmallow to the root beer notes as the rooibos beat swings along. The cup also retains a tasty sweetness with root beer flavour as the rooibos bops up, with more conifer or slightly piney reedy flavours that blends well with the root beer flavours. The finish is a bit loose but the aftertaste that builds on the breath is darn near like a rootbeer float.
Without a straw to poke around my empty cup, seeing the bottom becomes a total drag so I gave the leaves one more rock around the clock. After a seven minute steep, there’s enough of a hint of root beer remaining in the hazier orange brew to dig although an extra few minutes of infusion wouldn't hurt. The splash of root beer tickle from the light sassafras rooibos aromas with a mild slightly chicory flavour in the cup.
Although, the main jive of the tea seems more root beer than root beer float, it’s a fatcat in flavourville with such a groovy harmony between the rooibos and root beer. Naturally, with enough rocket, it makes for a hip sip cold as well as hot and would probably be dreamy fixings for a tea float. Warm or cool, its bubbly lovin’ is enough to make one feel like a kid again.

— To purchase The Necessiteas Root Beer Float, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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